Operation Thunderbolt: Training Phase - 061900ZDEC18


Paha indeed


Walter 1 down…


Yeah, after trying to fly normally… Just cottoned on there’s no rules!!! 😂


@Dubya @airjonathan1

Want to go again? Catch me this time


@Dubya how does it feel like being the one getting chased? lol

(I crashed while typing this :/ )


Oh it’s on!


@Dubya Gotcha


2nm is a little far for guns, isnt it? ;)


These stalls are ridiculous but good chase @Xpira


If I was using Air-to-Air missiles I might have got you but I guess that isn’t dog fighting.


@Balloonchaser you must be to used to GA aircraft. The moment i started following you, you crashed. 🤦🏻‍♂️


I just crashed right in front of you 😂


What happens when @Dubya wants revenge xD


Image result for no points for 2nd place meme


Come and get me


@Xpira Were you on landing for this one?


That’s about all the dog-fighting I can manage today! That was super fun though, thanks to everyone who gave me a challenge (@Dubya) !


Awseome flying with you and everyone else

Its about time for the formation flight back to Nellis. Anyone ready to depart?


I’m ready and departing!


Waittt.Can I join.