Operation Thunderbolt: Training Phase - 061900ZDEC18


He is down I got him


Well that was a fail


Lets go again


2 Regulars against a poor 15 year old… How unfair :(
But I’m omw


Yeah in one sec.

I just got shot down by Laura.


Where are you guys at now? I’m gonna stop by.


I’m waiting over the canyon


Nearest airport?


AZ40 or KGCN


Time: 2300Z
Departure Airport: Grand Canyon National Park KGCN
Arrival Airport: Grand Canyon National Park KGCN
Details: For this training mission, we push the A10 to its limits in an environment not suited to the aircrafts strengths. Take off from Grand Canyon National Park [KGCN] and head to the Grand Canyon. Here, you will learn how to best manoeuvre the A10 at its maximum operational limits whilst simulating dogfighting in the sky. You will also gain experience in how to best shake aircraft off your tail. This is a practise mission, so don’t get too carried away. Safety is key!


Roger, thanks.


Spawning in now.


Tango Down


Holy crap there’s a 747 and 737 taking off on the taxi way…


Welcome to the casual server :)


The A-10 was designed primarily as a tank and ground attack platform not as a dogfighter …thats what the mach + fighters are for !!!


@George_Anastasis Were you SABRE?


Indeed I was


Ok who else wants to join the dogfight into the canyon?


That was a good run in the canyon ;)