Operation Thunderbolt: Training Phase - 061900ZDEC18


PS: You are welcome for the lovely edited KGCN! Definitely perfect for events like these! :)


Follow the leader with @MishaCamp. Had to break off to refuel


@Balloonchaserget ready to be shot down


Misha just shot me down… 🤦🏻‍♂️


What counts as a kill?


Keeping someone in the HUD in cockpit mode for 5 “Mississippi” counts


Ok then @Jay_Roman is down 😈


I actually got 3 people to crash whilst following them. I’m counting that as 3 confirmed. Shame I crashed 3 times so it’s evened out 🤭


We should take the chasing to the canyon (I’m FIGHT-ME)


Ooo I was following you for ages!


oh you guys still dog fighting?I might come down to make a record in killing the most users


I know haha! Anyways I’m gonna go to the canyon


You were good. Took me a while to catch up


This actually felt like a WW2 dog fight. Low and slow all the way.


Im coming to find you

GONZ0 251


Come up and get me. :P


Can’t touch this ;)


I can and I will.
Dubya help me out on this one


“Hey Alexa, play Danger Zone”


A bit too low there aren’t ya