Operation Thunderbolt: Training Phase - 061900ZDEC18


mmmmmmmmmmm sounds yummy thanks!


Really good resource for those seeking to use real departures and approaches.




Mmmmm… Go go juice 😋

Flight 1: Practice

Starting in 30 minutes! Patterns at Nellis are preferred, but pilots have a little freedom to go to any nearby airports if needed. Just don’t forget to come back!


GAF KC10 Callsign ATLAS251 Will be on station NNE of KLSV. Anchor WPT KRYSS. Will transition to airport KGCN later in sortie.

ALTITUDE 15,000-22,000
SPEED 220-260 KIAS


Love this event ;)


That event is fun!


Yeah it was! Nice event Misha!

Flight 2: Low Passes in the Grand Canyon

Time to take your A10 skills to the next level!


I’ll be there.


Oooooh, this is a super creative event , I’ll definetly be there for some of the training missions!


This isn’t FNF. This is Thursday Night Thunderbolt lol


Me and my VFA would be glad to do some dog fighting. We are trained for it so we are always ready.


Oops, so used TO FNF, plus here in NZ it’s Friday right now 😂


Hello @DeerCrusher and @Dubya 👋🏻

Did you guys see my landing? If so how was it 0-10? 🙂

Are you guys flying out soon?


I think your scale is broken. I’d give it a -5. 🤗


What are you guys doing now


I think your confusing me with CR3W


Thanks for the air show @Nate_Schneller

Flight 3: Dogfighting Practice!

Time to go to the danger zone!