Operation Thunderbolt: Training Phase - 061900ZDEC18


Operation Thunderbolt: Training Phase

Welcome to training! You’re made it past selection, but this is where the real challenge begins. This is Operation Thunderbolt, an exercise designed to give you all the skills you need to become a pilot ace in the A10. Think you know how to fly? Think again!

Throughout the next 6 weeks you will learn the ins and outs of this aircraft, shaping you into an experienced and knowledgeable Infinite Flight pilot ready to show you skills to the world on the expert server. We will cover everything from refuelling to formation flying, from canyon runs to dogfighting, and, of course, from taking off to landing.

 Week One: Training Phase

This week we start off with the basics, advancing on to give you a little taste of what is to come. We will cover low pass canyon runs, mock dogfighting, formation flying and the basics of landing and taking off in a series of flights throughout the day. The time has come to put pedal to the metal and show us what you’re made of!

We start with patterns at Nellis Afb [KLSV] to get accustomed to with aircraft before heading out on our first sortie. Despite sounding easy, landing and taking off in the A10 are far from easy, and this will be a difficult task.

From there, we fly to the Grand Canyon to carry out the remainder of the training exercises. Wanting to park your aircraft between flights? Head down to Grand Canyon National Park airport [KGCN] where the Infinite Flight A10 mobile base will be kept during this training mission.

We advise you watch both tutorials below before you take to the skies for the first time!

Event Details

Flight 1: Takeoff and Landing

Time: 1900Z
Departure Airport: Nellis Afb KLSV
Arrival Airport: Nellis Afb KLSV
Details: For this first flight in the A10, we will fly patterns at our base at Nellis Afb. Take as much time as you need, and feel free to head to nearby airports to have some time by yourself, but don’t forget to come back! This is your first flight, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes; it will help you in the long run!

Flight 2: Low Level Canyon Passes

Time: 2100Z
Departure Airport: Nellis Afb KLSV
Arrival Airport: Grand Canyon National Park KGCN
Details: After learning the basics at Nellis, your first sortie will be to the Grand Canyon. Here we will practice low level runs of the A10, a skill in which the aircraft thrives. Don’t get to close at first and focus on getting the aircraft straight and level. As you go on and gain confidence, begin to explore changing it up a little! Head back to Grand Canyon National Park [KGCN] this time to refuel for the next sortie!

Flight 3: Practicing Dogfighting

Time: 2300Z
Departure Airport: Grand Canyon National Park KGCN
Arrival Airport: Grand Canyon National Park KGCN
Details: For this training mission, we push the A10 to its limits in an environment not suited to the aircrafts strengths. Take off from Grand Canyon National Park [KGCN] and head to the Grand Canyon. Here, you will learn how to best manoeuvre the A10 at its maximum operational limits whilst simulating dogfighting in the sky. You will also gain experience in how to best shake aircraft off your tail. This is a practise mission, so don’t get too carried away. Safety is key!

Flight 4: Formation Flying

Time: 0100Z
Departure Airport: Grand Canyon National Park KGCN
Arrival Airport: Nellis Afb KLSV
Details: Now you have experienced a taste for the A10, it’s time to hone your skills as a pilot in tight airspace. Join up with other aircraft to create dramatic formations as you fly over the Grand Canyon, putting on a display for the tourists down below. When ready, maintain your formations all the way back to the main base in Nellis. For those more experienced pilots, see if you can land in formation.

Server: Casual

Airport/s: KSLV / KGCN

Aircraft/Liveries: A10

Event Hours:

Begin - Thursday 6th December @ 19:00 ZULU

End - Friday 7th December @ 03:00 ZULU

December 6, 2018December 7, 2018

So, post your best screenshots on Instagram or Twitter and tag us for a chance to have one featured on our social media pages. Simply tag us using @infiniteflight, or use hashtags #infiniteflight and #infiniteflightevent. We look forward to seeing all your amazing photos!



Real excited join this!


This looks really cool!


This is a really nice looking event! Good creative thinking guys.


Nice!! Can’t wait!! Hopefully I can make it!


This sounds fun! I can’t believe how much attention the A-10 is getting now!


I won’t be able to make the first two flights because of school, but I hope to make the second two! How fun! Thanks Misha :)
Edit : I think I’ll only be able to make the last one :( but that’s okay! :)


I’ll be there for the second through the fourth! Thanks so much see you then!


Ooh. @Nate_Schneller you ready for some dogfighting and formations?


More than that. I’ll be recording stuff too! The IFAE YouTube is coming back with an A-10 Film, so this will be the perfect opportunity.


Nice event Misha! Will definitely be taking part in this!


Nice Event!
For those seeking realism, the IF choice of ordnance weight is:
3735kg or 8219lbs


This release and events like this have renewed my already high interest in IF. Thanks to all the staff for the product being put out.

See you all at this event!


I’ll definitely join you guys. I feel like A-10 should have been a little more faster than what it is right now. Overall a good effort by @TeamInfiniteFlight


It flies like the real thing so lol


It’s per the manual. The A10 is no Raptor… by a long shot. She’s slow and underpowered. Same engine as a CRJ200 if that tells you anything. Don’t be alarmed if you’re near full throttle most of the time!


YAAY! Patterns at my home airport AFB


Will there be a rest period/refuelling area in between flights?


The GAF will be out with KC10s providing Go Go Juice