Operation Nimbus - Pine Gulch Fire (Grand Junction, CO)

With IFATC still all over the West of the USA today, IFC Community users organized a chance to fight the fires ravaging California and Colorado. Today I took to the skies in the 10 Tanker Air Carrier to help fight the fire located at Pine Gulch just outside of Grand Junction, CO. A huge thank you to @Raze. What an excellent event idea. One last thank you to all non-structure fireman who battle the infernos all over Colorado and California at this very moment. Only the Brave.

Callsign: FIRE214
Aircraft: DC-10F 10 Tanker Air Carrier
Departure/Arrival: KCOS (Colorado Springs Municipal)

  • 2 Full Water Dumps
  • 1 Partial Water Dump


Takeoff from KCOS; Enroute to Pine Gulch:

Arriving into the active wildfire area:

From the Firefighters POV:

“Water Inbound!”:

I enjoyed the event immensely.
Please let me know your thoughts IFC!
FIRE214 out.


So happy you enjoyed the event! Nice pics :)

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come over to my city its been annoyingly hazy the past week.


I feel, the west slope (where I live) has been blanketed in smoke from this fire as well as one not too far away from the pine gulch burn.


@KGJT-9149 So you are close by? How bad is it?

Is anyone else close by to the fires?

me, we have had air quality in the red for the past few days, yesterday the air quality cleared up following some air mass storms then the smoke came back but not as bad with air quality in the yellow

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I am amazed by how quickly wildfires spread. I have lived in NorCal during fires and its nuts.

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Yeah, I live about 40 miles away from it. It’s gotten quite a bit better over the past few days, today was the first day that we didn’t have an air quality alert. At its worst the visibility in my neighborhood has dropped to 0.25-0.5 miles from the smoke.

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wow. that is terrible. stay safe man. it seems like fires are popping up everywhere out there

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Thank you for participating! Amazing photos! I myself live just north of the Williams Fork fire, and have watched multiple helicopters stage at my local airfield. We hope to see you at future events!

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