Operation "Market Garden" memorial flight.

Hi all,

Recently we had the commemoration events here in the Netherlands in regards to it being 75 years ago the allied forces liberated the southern part of the Netherlands. Each year the RNLAF and NATO partners fly over the dropzones used back then and drop paratroopers onto the dropzones. It’s a week long event with several flights each day. This year we as GAF/EAF decided to fly alongside these guys in the simulator and honor those people that fought for our freedom back in WW2. I’ve made a video on that flight and used the real ATC from that day that I recorded as background in the video. There’s a special callsign that was used this year which needs some explanation:

Last year, second lieutenant, Edward Simons Fuller, died at the age of 98. For his heroic act as a co-pilot on an American C-47 during Market Garden, he was awarded the Military William Order. Airplanes from “his” 43rd Troop Carrier squadron were UA-coded. In those days, even before the NATO alphabet, it stood for “Uncle Able”. As a tribute to this, the formation flights during the Falcon Leap para exercise this year also had that name.

And now the video… it’s 30 minutes long so grab something to drink or eat and please enjoy. This was truly a special one!

With regards, B4ND1T