Operation Foxtrot

Today, I take a hop to Salt Lake City and back with the one and only @Piazza . With the many photography worth formations and refueling, this makes my favorite Formation Flight of 2.

Taking a departure out of Nellis Air Force Base for a couple patterns and a departure to Area 51

Overhead of Area 51 as we get a refuel from @Elefanths

Moon Refueling 🀟

The KC, A, and F cruising over Utah

A few others (@IF787 @Canadian_Aviator @Captain-787) as we all get some of that Fighter Fuel as @Elefanths heads to Milan

The twin fighters over the Twin Peaks

Caution the TBM wake turbulence on final πŸ‘»

Name a More Iconic Duo 😎

Moments before almost slamming into the rear of @Piazza

Sweeeetttt Caroline, next to my A-10

Thanks Piazza for the awesome flight and ATC services bu multiple!


Great shots! Unbelievable work😁

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Awesome pictures! It was tons of fun taking part in this :)

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amazing pics. I wish I was their

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Nice Photos! That was lots of fun

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didnt even ask me to join smh kamryn

In all seriousness this is my favorite topic you’ve ever posted


Pictures turned out fantastic. Great flight @Kamryn! Will have to do this again sometime.

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Very nice photos blitz!

Was very fun to be apart of it!

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Nice shots! I like the moon shot the best!


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