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You maybe have heard of Operation Entebbe, an incredible rescue mission of a hijacked airplane.
At 27. 6. 1967 an Air France A-300 got hijacked and was forced to land at Entebbe International airport in Uganda. As the plane landet, the passengers and the crew was captured and imprisoned in the airport terminal. The hijacker would only set the free the chastise if they would release some terrorists out of prison. The Israelian goverment decided to not do that and prepared an insane rescue mission. That included a formation of 4 C-130-H flying at 200ft, to not get captured by ground based radar, from Israel to Kenia for refuel and than flying to Entebbe airport and making a nighttime landing with open cargo door at the airport.
If you want to read more about this topic, scroll to the links below.
I want to focus on the formation of C-130s flying from Nairobi International to Entebbe International.
Plane: Egypt Airforce C-130-H
Airport: HKJK Cargo Aprons
The whole flight will be completely VFR, so follow me. My callsign will be AUVA-001.
If more than 4 pepole will sign up, i will change the form of the formation. The important flight data will be added at the day before.
This is how the flight procedure will be:

  1. Takeoff at Nairobi International (runway 6)
    2.VFR flying at 200ft-600ft to Entebbe International
  2. landing at runway 35 with cargo door set to partial, after touchdown opening full.
  3. Taxiing to the military gates
    5.wait about 5 minutes before despawning
    I hope you will enjoy the flight!

Count me in

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Yes, i will. Actually this should have been 1 hour ago but i will move it to next week. Is that ok?

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