Operation Christmas Drop - Try it yourself

The IFAE Global Air Force (GAF) has been (virtually) conducting our annual Operation Christmas Drop, paralleling the Longest Running Humanitarian Airlift operation which is conducted annually by the USAF and partner nations.

It is a great opportunity to do something different in the most versatile aircraft in the sim - the mighty C130 Hercules.

We at the GAF would like to invite the larger IFC community to come give it a try. So please click the link below for more information (drop procedure in the doc), hop in a Herc, spawn at PGUA, and join us in the air.


Thanks, and hope to see y’all in the skies over Guam.

H. Clay Aalders
IFAE Global Air Force


If anyone has any questions, I would be happy to answer them.

I am hopefully dropping presents to sharks as a fly over the Bahamas. I hope I’m not giving them fuel from a fuel leak tho.

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