Operation Backup Inspiration

As some of you may know, last month one of the Snowbirds, a Canadian Air Force team crashed in Kamloops, near CYKA. Less than a day later, a member of the BCGA (British Columbia General Aviation Association) announced their plans to host Operation Backup Inspiration which would cover the route the Snowbirds would have flown. The flyover was the honour the loss of Captain Jennifer Casey who was lost in the crash.

Below, you’ll find screenshots of the Infinite Flight version I hosted today. All credit for the original Operation Backup Inspiration flight goes to @Ryan_VH who hosted the event “IRL”.

Departed from CYXX at 1900z and followed the route below:

Watching the Blue Angel Flyover before departure (Photo credit @Ecoops123
(Photo credit @Ecoops123)
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Flying over the Burrard Inlet (Three aircraft pictured, find them all ;) )

Landing at CYPK (Photo credit @Ecoops123)
Parked on Apron 1 at CYPK after the flight (Photo credit @Ecoops123)
Two aircraft arriving at CYPK (Cessna is on final 26L, TBM is on right base 26R. Don’t worry, the TBM didn’t T-bone the Cessna, haha!) (Photo credit @Ecoops123)
Mount Baker just across the border!
(Photo credit @Ecoops123)

Here’s the final tracks of the flight, very proud of @ILOVE7879-2.0 @Ecoops123 @PilotMatt @Seb.sweetman for taking the hour and a half out of their days to honour those affected by the Snowbirds crash:

(Both track logs are from the flight)


Love Your Photos! Keep It Up!

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They weren’t all mine to be fair, credit for many of these amazing photographs go to @Ecoops123 ! (Which I credited above each photograph)