Operation Airport Popularity Expansion (OAPE)

Hello. I am Lil Squeejee, a non moderator but nice, and respectful assistant (non asked) to IFC. I want to extend airport popularity and have smaller, but slightly major airports be used more, some of them are beautiful and spectacular places! Here are some examples of some of the airports that should be used more!

  1. Tampa Intl. Airport

  2. Indianapolis Intl. Airport

  3. Beijing Capital Airport

  4. Hong Kong Intl.

  5. Moscow Sheremetyevo Intl. Airport

Thank you for reading! If you have any more ideas for airports that should become more popular comment below!

Best wishes to you,

Also to all staff and volunteers, please don’t delete this, as I am trying to help Infinite Flight grow!

Shouldn’t this be in #general?

This airport is actually very popular, even if it doesn’t appear to be.😉


We respect your comeuppance back here, where we have changed a lot, a lot more users, attention, and popularity has come. All the airports you’ve named have been in the ATC schedule over the past few months.

Tampa: Possibly controlled today, last time 24th November.
Indianapolis: 26th September.
Beijing: 14th September
Hong Kong: 3rd Novmber, before that 10th September, in the schedule on Sunday, and a massive event being hosted my me in February.
Moscow: 6th November

We keep a regular schedule to International airports across the globe, and your input could help! Why not make an event, or suggest here for an Friday Night Flight? 😃

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