Operating on 2 devices from the same account

Afternoon All.

After beginning a flight across the Atlantic yesterday from Manchester to Punta Cana, I decided to make my merry way down to the local pub to meet my parents for dinner. Being the true professional I am, I chose not to drink any alcohol, however the conversation did progress onto planes. Or, more specifically, the topic of the short takeoffs performed by turboprop aircraft such as the Dash 8 and C-130.

In a classic example of ‘pub discussion’, chat rounded onto the question of just how short a takeoff by one of these aircraft could be. There was only one thing for it: being a true professional, I always have a flight simulator with me. So, out came the S10, armed with Infinite Flight.

Having loaded up solo mode and picked Gibraltar as a suitable location, testing began with early signs suggesting the Dash 8 was likely to be the victor in the inaugural Short Takeoff Competition In a Pub.

Meal finished, it was time to go home to check on the other flight. But, to my temporary surprise and confusion, I was greeted by a shouting cat and an iPad graced with a warning message for me. Due to me using IF on another device under the same account, my flight had crashed. Or rather, the simulator had deliberately crashed my flight for me, without my permission. It was then that I realised what I had done, and a question popped into my head:

Why, when I pay £80 or so per year, does the app choose to crash my flight when I open a flight on solo on my other device?
I can’t for the life of me work out how closing the throttle to stall the aircraft, potentially causing violations, is a better idea than just closing the flight or - even better - just leaving it be.
So, community of IF Boffins, why does the app do this?

Love you all.


I understand your frustration. But think of it like this: You pay for an account. You share this password to 5 friends, 6 people are then playing infinite flight on one account, “loop-holing” the process. Therefore, an account can only be used once at a time. (I’m not suggesting you are doing this just trying to make a point) For playing solo, download IF on the second device WITHOUT logging in to your account. You can still play solo without interfering with your other account.

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When there are two devices on the same account online at once, it cuts the throttle of both of the flights. This is done to make sure that people do not farm XP and troll others.

This is a good point btw, I fully support your frustration with this.

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I know what you’re saying, and I do agree with you. However, Google can detect what device is signed in to… With this in mind, I do not see why we shouldn’t be able to ‘register’ our two devices to our IF account. Just two, as most of us probably have a phone and a ‘main device’, if you like. I’m sure there’s some technical reason for why this isn’t feasible, but still, it must be doable?

A reason for this is that it’s not realistic. You can’t fly 2 planes at once, drive 2 cars at once, or anything like that IRL. In addition, it puts additional unnecessary load on the live and scenery servers used to stream data to your device. That’s why :)

Agreed - unless one car is in the real world (the live server) and the other is in a separate universe (solo mode). Same cars, same drivers, two independent journeys ;)

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But in this case, most aircraft are locked, so just refrain from it or don’t do a flight when going out w/friends

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