OpenSource Livery Templates

I really want this (bump)

I heard that IF makes their liveries with Photoshop. Is that really true because I cant imagine how to use PS on a 3D object, but I am inexperienced so I could also just didn’t see the feature yet.

The 100th vote will soon be reached, I really hope that this option gets considered as many liveries are truly missing for some “reasons”.

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Nice idea!! We need it!!! btw I’m the 100th voter :)


Ok ok hear me out…

So in other flight sims, you can fly with your own liveries, that you made. Now, if you are flying in a multiplayer server, your aircraft will be shown as a generic aircraft. That is, unless another person has your livery downloaded.

So would that mean less server strain and memory?

Now I’m no genius but that should work. As someone said this about a winglet and no winglet option as well. Because well as you said. It’s downloaded to your device and shows generic unless someone else has it downloaded.


Excelent Idea. We can Add our favourite liveries

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Since I have been seeing a slew of topics about lack of diversity with liveries in the game. If you want more and think people could contribute. This is the topic for you! Leave a vote here and show the IF team we want to help!


This is still true. It’s an interesting idea for down the road, but it’s not something that needs to be upvoted. You’re truly wasting your vote on it right now. 🗳➜🗑


That’s a shame I think it holds a lot of potential 😕

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No, we are not wasting any of our votes. This feature, like many others, has been requested for a long time, and this is a sign that the community really wants this feature. As said above, there are a lot of ways in which it can be implemented in IF, but it does not hold a priority for you guys, the dev team. I’m still hoping a lot for this feature to be implemented in the sim somewhere in time, as this will open a lot of paths for a lot of users. :))

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It’s been working out perfectly for RFS (which we always say we’re better than) why can’t we have open source liveries?

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I think a lot of you are trying to find fault in what the staff are saying here.

They’ve said, multiple times I’ll add, it’s not currently something that they have the infrastructure or ability to have in the simulator. In no way is that “they don’t want to add it”. They have given you a justified reason as to why currently it cannot be added. That’s not to say it won’t come in the future, but at this current present time it isn’t feasible.

I see a lot of people bringing up other simulators. Other simulators sacrifice quality in the aircraft models, the systems, the physics, the scenery quality etc to have more liveries, and often they are incomplete or of a lower quality. Other simulators are programmed differently, have other priorities etc. There is currently no mobile simulator on the market that is as detailed and as accurate as IF.

There’s no personal motive for the staff not to do it. There is evidently, from a technical standpoint, a justified reason as to why it cannot currently be added.


You’re choosing to ignore the fact that we cannot implement something like this right now. Technically, and realistically, we cannot do it.

I’m at a loss for what to say about that bit. Agree to disagree I guess.


Just curious would project metal have anyway of helping this become possible or no?

If we ever go down this road, from what I understand some of what Philippe is working on (Project Metal comes into it) would help, yes. The main goal is to make it so that the number of liveries showing on screen is inconsequential (bandwidth, etc etc).


That’s because RFS doesn’t have some sort of verification process for user-created liveries, which can give off the impression of sloppy, rushed, and unofficial liveries, which is the last thing Infinite Flight needs.


To tack on to my previous answer, remember this from Philippe:


I can tell you now! IF cares about its users. They are wanting to put this out but not until it is 100% ready for the game and it’s users. Which is another reason why RFS and other mobile sims are not compatible! Don’t think they don’t care because they do. Let them do their thing but I do agree our votes on this feature is not a wast it shows how bad we want this!

I think implementing this would help IF get more aircraft and reworks because they would not have to do the liveries and can move to the next project.


I’ve got 99 problems but this will solve a lot of them when its eventually hopefully added.