OpenSource Livery Templates

I like the idea but it could be a it different where only that user gets the livery. Could appear generic for everyone else and if anyone does want it, they could simply send the files. I know this is way easier said then done, but IF is starting to become increasingly high quality and close to PC sims and this is just one of the gaps

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Could there be a compromise whereby the Dev’s make more liveries than what a typical release has? And we as the user get to choose what liveries we want to download?

For example: If the 757 will come with 25 liveries (not confirmed btw, just using a random number), the developers make 40 liveries or so, and we get to download a set of 25 from that 40 that we get to use. These liveries can be swapped out for another one from the library, but you can never go beyond having 25 total.

In this way, we the users curate our experience more to our liking in terms of what liveries we want and don’t want. We get curated diversity without sacrificing performance because of the hard cap of available livery slots for a particular aircraft.

@Javier_Blancas Just a quick note on that - the amount of liveries on the device or app is not a problem. It’s streaming each livery in multiplayer for the planes around you that causes issues, both for bandwidth and memory. Having a setup of only 25 liveries out of 40 possible on your device wouldn’t help, because if someone in multiplayer flying around you had another one not in the 25, the app would have to figure out how to show you the livery. I suppose you could code the plane to display one of the 25 you have in the app, but honestly that seems like the work to make more liveries outweighs the benefit (liveries are costly to create as well). Philippe’s response shows just how intensive liveries are:

so like there is something for how many airplanes we can see could they do something where we can set how many liveries are shown and if we dont want the liveries we could see all generi liveries?

Nice idea i want 😓

I like this idea so much, you have my vote.

I think we could make it in a way that it only shows to the person that has downloaded the “livery file”. Therefore, it wouldn’t need to be “added” into the game official files, which would spare the devs of having to add each single livery and making sure they have a high quality. For everyone else, the painted plane could just be shown as a blank one.

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Can I just ask when you are referring to FDS what exactly is that?

A kind of way share everyones’s amigination and ideas for certains exceptionnal liveries, I really want this

I also have some special IF liveries request for the team, but I will express them once the actual request here is valid

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FDS used to be the “parent company” for IF. it was short for Flying Development Studios and about year or two ago they changed it to IFLC Infinite Flight Limited Liability Company

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Okay thank you for that, so how many votes does this need to be passed and for IF to consider adding our custom made liveries?

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There is no set amount, its usually when there is quite a bit. A couple years ago everyone wanted the A350 and it became the most requested feature request (had way more than the A330 rework) and eventually the amount of votes became un ignorable so the dev elopers took note and started work. For a feature like this I don’t think it would need too many votes but definitely more than now. The voting system just gauges interest, if there is enough interest it might happen. But when they do aircraft its typically in a vote like the A330 was or if there is enough interest they just start work on it

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Also it could work to bring back old Boeing 757 liveries that were removed from 20.3

Yes, it could! The devs, however, refuse to implement it. If they don’t want the community to make the liveries they find near and dear to them, then I would suggest a huge livery update in 2021, where there is nothing but the top (say, 30-40) livery requests being added to the game. I have seen a relative livery stagnation and as such I think most would be happy to see a livery update.


is it possible to do this now :D? we wont be complaing about old liveries if this feature will come


We still don’t have the infrastructure to implement unlimited numbers of liveries; it’s not that we are refusing. We’ve said many many times, liveries are the most expensive computing-wise and a huge number in the sky would cause your device to grind to a halt. They’re also literally expensive for us to serve up from a file standpoint.

I’m basing this on facts.

That is based on feelings, not fact.


Based on the amount of users play infinite flight I can see that, people need to understand computing Is EXPENSIVE. A basic laptop is over 400 for the most basic configurations. Let alone if it was open source, the quality may have to be checked which takes staff’s time out of making amazing aircraft for us all.

I know that’s sarcasm, but you’ve been told by Jason across multiple topics why certain or all liveries can’t be had at this moment.

Someday in the future when they figure out how to do it, it will happen. The idea that the dev team is against adding liveries because of bias or anything else is a myth. Everything stems from device performance, and that’s what they’re constantly wrestling with, especially more so that this a mobile simulator.


What’s the issue with client side liveries like we see on desktop where they are replaced with a generic livery typically? That way Infinite Flight’s resources aren’t being taken up and it removes moderation issues. You guys would probably have to modify the TOS though to allow for modifications of files then since people will be making their own liveries and relinquish control of being able to modify liveries, so I don’t know if you would want to do that.


This is a great question.

Liveries in Infinite Flight are exceedingly more complex than just a paint job because of PBR shading and other maps that are required. This is why we have professionals working on our liveries. It’s something we’re thinking about but it’s not on the immediate to-do list. Things like buildings and clouds are far more urgent at the moment.


Can we take a moment to consider the actual benefit of such a system if it could even exist? My comparison for such an idea is RFS. I don’t think any of us want to see the user liveries there within 5 miles of an Infinite Flight server. So that means moderation is required, and that is incredibly time consuming. It wouldn’t just require a quick scan either - the developers would likely have to take a fine-tooth comb to each livery to make sure nothing is hidden either.

Second, how many people would actually, and I mean actually, have the skills to complete a highly-detailed, 4K compatible livery from the forum community? I can’t think of too many. Infinite Flight has a team of professional 3D artists, whose full-time job is to create these liveries and other aspects of Infinite Flight. This isn’t a one-day, three hour project in terms of liveries. It has to looks good from any angle, and be mapped to a proprietary in-house model.

Plus as Jason once again pointed out, we can’t have unlimited liveries inside the game.

Sorry, the complaining is a little irritating when we just received an awesome update that includes 27 awesome new and update liveries. Let’s at least give them a small holiday break!

Edit: And Jason beat me to it with me second point