OpenSource Livery Templates

It’s worth remembering as well that there’s more to the liveries than simply making them. Airlines can be complicated to work with to get permission / licenses to use their copyright protected material.


Very true, perhaps a quote on quote “livery blacklist” can be provided for reference.

Again this is all hypothetical, I understand that there’s a lot more that goes into the process of making liveries than meets the eye, but hopefully something like this can be implemented in the future.


Had this thought in my mind for a livery database, voted and this could be quite the bump.

As an RFS livery creator - certainly not the best, but definitely on the “flyable” part of the spectrum - I’d absolutely love to add my own liveries to IF.

You probably know me as someone who solely trolls on Casual (well, at least that was the case when I had a Pro subscription). Well, one of my first realistic(-ish) flights in a flight simulator was with my own livery (the flight was less than an hour long because that’s my limit, but who cares?).

While I generally wouldn’t have the patience to do any realistic(-ish) flight, the sole fact that it was my own livery certainly motivated me to do it, perhaps because it feels a lot more special than it should. It just feels a lot better to fly your own livery than other people’s liveries, likely because you know the effort it took to make it as realistic as you can.


Idea: the only community-made liveries you can fly are the ones you made and ones approved by moderators or released by devs.


This will be so cool! Although this could be abused, and unless there is a community-led review team, the review backlog will be HUGE. Trolls can also spam the livery requests and cause backlog issues.

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Will users be able to edit liveries on handheld devices such as Ipads and phones?

Same situation with livery requests on the forum. The submissions would pile up and the staff would not be able to get every single one of them.

This idea looks great, but some things make it harder to do.

I would much rather have the own livery be a local thing. So you can select a custom livery and it will replace the Generic livery for the airplane on your device, but all others would just see the generic livery.

This is the best of both worlds, other people aren’t bothered by horribly ugly and fake liveries like in games like RFS, and yet those who really want livery for themselves can still do it, without bothering anyone or lowering the realism


You have my vote because the liveries will arrive faster especially the ones that don’t have many votes!😏

That’s, a really good idea! 😮


That’s a very interesting take!


This seems like a good idea, but you have to remember everything in the game affects the sims image.

Someone could make a terrible looking livery and post it online, and it’s just a bad impression on the game. Same with if it was an inappropriate livery, which would be impossible to moderate, etc.

It’s not a bad idea but certainly will be difficult to keep all the liveries above the certain standard, which helps maintain the game’s image online…


I think you might be exagerating there. For example, would you say X-Plane 11 is a bad flight simulator just because this livery, for example, exists?

images (25)

The X-Plane community certainly doesn’t think so, or else it wouldn’t have over 150 downloads, as seen here:

As for inapproiate liveries, yes not much could be done about it, however, I doubt anyone would dare posting it online, because, to be fair, you have to double think anything you post online, as some people can go absolutely crazy for even the most minor of jokes, so chances that it becomes popular are fairly low (if it’s not removed from the “public” internet). In addition, only a very small minority of people thinks these are fun or cool and are willing to spend the time to make them, further reducing any chances of one of them being seen by a considerable amount of people. Lastly, an airline has already made a livery many would deem inappropriate before, so take that as you wish.


I totatlly agree with everything we said, but i think that the liveries that get approved would only be real life liveries, and they must be a replica of the real life livery, and accurate, and the liveries that were not made by FDS will maybe have a bold text when picking the livery for an aircraft, indicating that it is not made by infinite flight.

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Would be so cool with people making special liverys and more! Definatley getting a vote!!

Need to bump this. This would be a great idea and honestly should be added. Will make the community happy.

Why do people say this is a nice theory, but it won’t work if it hasn’t been tested…

I understand that staff is not willing to look at absolute BS liveries but in that case you can also just make it only accessible to a specific group of people (E. G. : people with TL2 and grade 3 or maybe a team of editors like IFAE if that doesn’t exist already)

I can understand that people think this will be a bad idea but there are a lot of livery request that have a lot of votes that aren’t added yet, and that number is growing quite quickly.
This would basically just help the staff team and make the community happy

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Well then they should only accept the ones that are accurate to real life. Don’t think that it would really damage the image of IF then

Hmm… how about having it as the scenery editing system? for example, anyone can create what livery they want, and they send it to infinite flight through a… lets say an application. then infinite flight would lets say select what livery they are planning to add in the next update, and lets say if there is something incorrect/missing about the livery, it would be possible to contact the livery creator to fix/add the paint on the livery.


Yes! That’s a wonderful idea!

Thank you:))

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