OpenSource Livery Templates

People here were talking about how to avoid horrible liveries and they were suggesting a team kind of like IFAET ir they have to be approved through someone first

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Sure *did, right? Because based on this topic I see the KLM logo was already fixed in 21.6, which will be good news for you!

Yes it takes time to finish and then later edit liveries, but in prior discussions over the last few years it’s not a lack of effort by the developers. My impression is there might actually be a limit to the number of liveries that can be held on any one aircraft in Infinite Flight, at least in today’s version of the app. That might be tackled in the future however.

I think we have tons of liveries compared to other flight sims, and that is fantastic. I’m not really in favor of hundreds of liveries swamping the developers for approval, especially if their current focus is on a similar group of editors for 3D airports. I really like the high-quality liveries we currently have, and I worry that for every talented livery designer that can and would submit a passing livery, we’d get 10-20+ liveries that wouldn’t be up to standard.

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Maybe there could be a store type thing where you can download them… like other sims.

Voted, I really want to make Lone Star One, because I don’t believe there are enough proud Texans that want Lone Star One in the game. I would so make other liveries as well.

Maybe we could have a team where you can submit a livery and that could be sort of a application thing.

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This would be amazing 😍 there are so many livery requests…


Time for a bump!

I was thinking on how this work as Infinite Flight has said streaming a variety of liveries is the bulk of the issues when loading other aircraft, I personally wouldn’t mind seeing just a generic white tail aircraft for custom liveries on live. And, they could even if they wanted make a livery library of sorts, so people can share their creations for others to use!

It should be like how RFS has it, users can create there own livery off of a template and can use it after they make it, or go through some type of approval. It would only be available to them, and if they’d like, they can allow others to download it for free through some sort of add-ons page. You couldn’t make money off of a livery.

I downloaded it to see what you were talking about, if only IF did it that way it would make the sim so much more interactive, and it is possible on the mobile platform. With a small amount of votes I don’t think we will see it anytime soon unfortunately but it would definitely bring it up closer to the desktop sims

this is a great idea! I’m so up for this if it means for variety in liveries!

Iike your idea, but i like the details and near pefection of how the livery artists do it tbh. But if that idea was to go ahead, i would be nice to have them it in a different “experimental server”, so you can have of the custom liveries in one server, instead of taking the realism of real life airline liveries on Casual/Trainng/Expert server.

Honestly I think the best method would be to just show the generic white livery for others when on live

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I honestly like this idea. Tho I’m not creative, I do feel like this will be a benefit to many users as they can create whatever they like. Even DCS and War Thunder let users create their own custom skins

But aren’t those PC games? Besides trolling, platform restrictions are some of the biggest issues as far as I know

How come there’ll be platform restriction?

From what I understand, IF wants to keep as much as possible in-house (at least that’s what I read from the development of a custom airport editor), so on the mobile device. So that would pose a threat. The other thing is, that mobile devices only have limited storage space. The devs have brought up multiple times already that the bandwidth of the serves to stream many different liveries to the device is limited and those take up a lot of storage space and are one of the main factors for the big size of the app. If the app would be “flooded” by even more liveries, even if they are high-quality, this would pose an issue as to what I heard. However, I noticed some changes in the way the liveries are applied recently and found that the resolution of the liveries was a bit lower than before to potentially save memory space (?). Measures like this, or the removal of older aircraft like the E195 and E170 when aircraft are reworked free up more space and could maybe bridge the time gap until a new more storage-efficient method is found and would maybe also allow for the OpenSource liveries.

But please don’t take my standpoint as a no. I’d love to see this, and I also think there are many more possibilities to make this happen than what I know, so my view on this might be completely irrelevant anyway.


Think its a great idea, and would certainly boost InfiniteFlight’s standing, as there would be a whole new range of liveries, as long as there are rigid checks! Removed a vote from elsewhere in order to vote for this!

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It is a really good idea, however making it completely open source wouldn’t work since the liveries would need to be integrated in-game for everyone, so maybe using a system similar to IFAET would work very well. For example, editors create 50 liveries between two updates and the Staff team select the best ones and include some of the 50 in the update. This would expand IF’s route options a lot, especially in places with a lot of demand but almost no liveries like China.

Maybe they could only be available to Trust Level 2 or 3+ people, or Grade 4+

I’m not sure if anybody has suggested this before, but similar to how IF has a community airport editing team, the same could potentially be applied to livery editing.

People who have proven to be produce good quality liveries with the same software used by infinite flight can be selected to create new liveries.

That way an approval process for new liveries can be more streamlined, and promote more community involvement with talented artists playing a major role in further improving our infinite flight experience.

Definitely got my vote!