OpenSource Livery Templates

We definitely need this, I guess the developers get so much stress of people asking for more and more liveries, this would be a fast and a convenient way to add liveries, preventing trolls.

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I think this is pretty important to look at. I know I’ve advocated for this in the past but I don’t think this is coming really.

Of course, this was almost 3 years ago so plans/opinions may have changed.

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Have you played any PC sim? You can’t charge for the livery but you can still make them and give them for free.

I really wish this would come. The quality of life improvement this would bring is difficult to quantify properly. Imagine how many more people could come to the sim if they can fly all the aircraft liveries present at their home airport, their country, their favorite carrier.

The improvement this would bring is, in my opinion, considerably bigger than the devs think it would bring.


I think this is a great idea to have the community add and edit liveries, it would create soo many more liveries, and allow for the devs to allocate their time elsewhere, many other sim’s do it yet they don’t have as big of a community as IF, therefore I definitely think this is a good idea!!! :)

Our 3D artists design and produce the liveries, not our developers. This is still not something we have the infrastructure to put in place. If anything right now it would take more developer time to implement. There are other reasons we won’t get into.

Sorry folks, this is still not something we can consider. If you’re into making liveries, there are other sims that will fill this void for you.


Then why can’t you close this until is is or if it’ll be possible?

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@jasonrosewell Thanks for the clarification, I am more interested in flying and a community, I would not know how to make liveries anyways ;)

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It’s not possible for now. It can stay open if the mods are okay with it. If we close it now, the votes go to zero when it’s reopened.


Ehh maybe in the future this will become reality I’m still keeping a vote for this


let’s pray

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I don’t think I’ll ever vote for this feature, until the days when it will be added, thank you @Marc ing about it, I think it’s very very necessary.
I just found out about it, thank you. I vote for it.

I hope it will happen 🙏


I like the idea but it could be a it different where only that user gets the livery. Could appear generic for everyone else and if anyone does want it, they could simply send the files. I know this is way easier said then done, but IF is starting to become increasingly high quality and close to PC sims and this is just one of the gaps

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Could there be a compromise whereby the Dev’s make more liveries than what a typical release has? And we as the user get to choose what liveries we want to download?

For example: If the 757 will come with 25 liveries (not confirmed btw, just using a random number), the developers make 40 liveries or so, and we get to download a set of 25 from that 40 that we get to use. These liveries can be swapped out for another one from the library, but you can never go beyond having 25 total.

In this way, we the users curate our experience more to our liking in terms of what liveries we want and don’t want. We get curated diversity without sacrificing performance because of the hard cap of available livery slots for a particular aircraft.

@Javier_Blancas Just a quick note on that - the amount of liveries on the device or app is not a problem. It’s streaming each livery in multiplayer for the planes around you that causes issues, both for bandwidth and memory. Having a setup of only 25 liveries out of 40 possible on your device wouldn’t help, because if someone in multiplayer flying around you had another one not in the 25, the app would have to figure out how to show you the livery. I suppose you could code the plane to display one of the 25 you have in the app, but honestly that seems like the work to make more liveries outweighs the benefit (liveries are costly to create as well). Philippe’s response shows just how intensive liveries are:

so like there is something for how many airplanes we can see could they do something where we can set how many liveries are shown and if we dont want the liveries we could see all generi liveries?

Nice idea i want 😓

I like this idea so much, you have my vote.

I think we could make it in a way that it only shows to the person that has downloaded the “livery file”. Therefore, it wouldn’t need to be “added” into the game official files, which would spare the devs of having to add each single livery and making sure they have a high quality. For everyone else, the painted plane could just be shown as a blank one.

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Can I just ask when you are referring to FDS what exactly is that?

A kind of way share everyones’s amigination and ideas for certains exceptionnal liveries, I really want this

I also have some special IF liveries request for the team, but I will express them once the actual request here is valid