OpenSource Livery Templates

While I was browsing the Features category, I noticed that there are quite a lot of livery requests. I don’t think that FDS would be able to handle half of them, because of the immense amount.

So here’s my idea:

Open Source Livery Templates

How does it work?
FDS provides us with a clean template for each and every airplane. Users can use those templates to create new liveries for the game. They can send this livery to FDS via the forum or maybe a special Google docs page. FDS will control and test the livery before adding it to the game if it fulfills all the standards.

Why do we need this?
There are so many amazing liveries flying all around the world. It is impossible to add all of them in IF, especially when there are many other things that need improvement in the game. This idea would allow FDS to focus on more important stuff, while the community creates new and realistic liveries for the game.

How do we prevent trolls?
Well, first of all: It takes some effort to download a template, create a livery and upload it. I don’t think that a lot of trolls will do this just for fun. You could also set up some requirements, like that every livery has to be real. The creator will have to provide a real life picture of the aircraft. This will prevent fake liveries. But of course, there’ll always be trolls.

One more thing…
It’s basically a win/win situation. Users who really want to have a livery could simply create them, and FDS won’t have to do everything alone. I am 100% sure, that there are a lot of very talented designers in this community.

Happy landings, everyone!

Hmm… Maybe have it like IFAE where you can upload it to GitHub and have staff approve it? Sounds good to me. Got my vote.


You can’t just make any livery. I’d assume you have to go in depth with legal requirements such as trademarks and licensing. However, I’m open to the idea.


Here are the problems:

This will take much more time than the amount they spend currently doing it, negating any benefit from

Also remember it’s the texture artists/modelers that work on new liveries, not FDS themselves.

Talented designers != skills suitable for texturing. Photoshopping a 3D template is much simpler than actual textures, were parts are split all over the place, quality has to be managed for performance, projection has to be thought about, and you need really strong skills. What I’m trying to say is that it’s much more complicated than pasting a logo in photoshop.

The possibility for loads of low quality submissions (remember, FDS has high quality standards, especially for liveries) outweighs the likely small amount of suitable quality submissions. Professional 3D modelers to the standard FDS have don’t work for free, and the chances of someone with that skill set wanting to spend enough time getting a really good texture together unpaid? It dosen’t seem likely to me.


I kinda have a feeling that there already exists a team making livery designs similar to the one called Airport editors.

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IFALE? (Infinite Flight Aircraft Livery Editors) There would be some confusion between IFAE and IFALE.


IFAE is not an acronym endorsed by us.


This would be great if well implemented would mean devs could spend more time on other things. I’m sure there is the talent in be community but this may be hard to set up.


Steam workshop: people see previews and vote if it’s good enough.
Workload for the development team? No. We have beta testers

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I would love to see this added but I highly doubt that it will be :(

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Apart from trademark,copyright and licensing issues idea seems good,got my vote :-)


That’s a great idea then all of the fictional vas could add in their paints and make new ones.

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you have my vote on this, it should work on similar principle as creating airports before global was released - through Github for example as it was mentioned earlier

That’s a great idea I had the same thought


Good idea, hard implementation. They idea itself would be amazing, I’d definitifly learn how to do that and improve the game with my favorite liverys, but I have many doubts about it, far away from Things like trollers. Still, I think this is a Topic we do Need to talk about and see if we can work on it. My vote for sure

@aviationconcepts @AExones I think that you should read IceBlue’s post.
This is a nice idea in theory, but doesn’t really actually work.


you are right im against this idea!

I feel like this is awnsered previously…

Anyways this would be great, this is probably the closest we could come to every livery on every aircraft…

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Yes! Maybe I will make China Southern Airbus A380-841!

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As cool as this would be, I feel like licensing and other stuff like that would get in the way of this stuff. I do hope that maybe one day the community will be able to create their own liveries for the sim.