OpenSkies 757-200

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Beautiful BA livery

The openskies agreement is an agreement between the USA and EU that dictates any US based carrier may fly from anywhere in the US to anywhere in the EU and vice-versa. It allows US airlines to fly from European airports to other European airports but not vice-versa - this displeased European airlines who viewed this as the agreement being pro US, as they also could not purchase a controlling stake in any US airlines.

British airways started operating a route from Paris-Orly (LFPO) to JFK and Newark (KEWR) under the wholly owned subsidiary openskies. They currently own 3 757-200s and 1 767-300. The 757s are primarily used with the 767 being used on select days-it is notable that the 757 and 767 share a type license, meaning a pilot that can fly one can fly both.

Openskies originally were operating a 4 class plane with only 5 rows of economy, but this was ditched and replaced with premium economy, meaning they and the prestigious BAW001 are the only BA flights without economy class.

BA originally planned to use openskies to increase the number of flights they had as LHR is operating at 98% of maximum capacity, but have since shown little interest and openskies shut their route from Amsterdam and Washington D.C

The OpenSkies agreement will not apply to the UK after Brexit, meaning OpenSkies may have to shut down unless they receive a special dispensation

Nice, this is a very informative feature request. As I have been know to say, well done for not going ‘I want it now and for free’


Great feature request! But please remember to vote for it if you really want it:-)


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Can someone explain to me what @Insertusernamehere is asking for? I don’t get if he is asking for the livery, agreement, or both?

Livery lol, don’t think we have the restriction in IF anyway

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Love this livery and subsidiary would be a great addition to IF

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We have the BA livery for the 757 but they don’t even fly it anymore

Seen this bird a couple of times. It is always a surprise as it at first seems really abnormal. Still cool.

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One of these diverted to KBDL once. I’d love to see this added to the sim!

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I would love to see this in IF! Another favorite livery for my favorite plane XD