Opening the drop down menu on iOS

I am currently flying from YMML-YPPH-EGLL-KJFK-KLAX-YMML and I have been using the drop down menu on iOS to check my battery power.

I remember seeing something about making sure not to close the game otherwise you become unknown to ATC and they ghost you. Just wonder if that rule still applies since I’ve been using the drop down menu or not. I’ll be enter IFATC airspace later tonight so I was just curious.


It Pauses the Simulator when you you do that its like closing the application without Full Closing it Make sure your not on the drop down for more the 30 seconds otherwise the flight will be suspended and turn to Solo mode. ;)

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It is recommended that you don’t pause or exit the app when under control of IFATC due to the reason you stated above.

It can cause connection and communication issues, and IFATC may ghost you under the reason ‘Unable to communicate - contact moderator’ if this occurs.

So is it just if you’re currently in controlled IFATC airspace?

Yes, you can only get ghosted if you are in controlled airspace. When approach is active, that is anywhere within 50NM of the airport and below 18,000 feet. When Tower is active that is anywhere within 25NM of the airport and below 10,000.

When you are at cruise it won’t effect anyone else so is extremely unlikely that you will be ghosted at cruise. The app may close on you though if you exit for an extended period of time.


Alright thanks, was just wondering as I’ll be landing in KLAX while IFATC are controlling surrounding airports and since I’ve been using the drop down menu a lot I was just wondering if that would get me ghosted. But thanks for the information! I’ll keep it in my note bank for next time!

Not a problem mate. If you’re only scrolling down to check battery power then heading back to your flight, it should be fine.

Have a great day, and safe landings!

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You have a great day and safe landings too!

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