Opening Flight- USAT Virtual @ KCAE - 272300ZMAY17

Server: Traning Server 1

Region: North Carolina Region

Airport: KCAE

Time: May 27th, 2017, 6-7PM Eastern Time

NOTAM: Hi everyone! Come join us for our opening flight at USAT VA. We have not officially been approved yet, but we would like to throw a party anyways at our main base, Columbia Metro. @JetBlueVirtual will be flying our main plane, the 737BBJ. Any volunteers may fly fighters of any kind, or the Cessna Citation X.
A special thanks to all of our crew here at USAT:

( Design by @JetBlueVirtual )
And, me, your Founder and head CEO of USAT. Thank you for reading, and I would love if you would come and join us!


This looks like a great event. Can you please reformat the title so there are spaces before and after the “-” between KCAE and the information? Also add a space between the “@” and KCAE. Otherwise it will still not display correctly, I know, we are picky ;). Thanks!

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hey we don’t blame you. better fix our mistake and not have a issue later on in the future also thanks for your help. some other people would flip out for no reason and flag the topic


On it right now…

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And, will this display on the Infinite Flight title page? Like where you select fly online or fly solo?

Yep, it already has!

Okay, thank you! I feel very excited now :)

Also just change the “Time” as its not on the 21st its on the 27th

Wait a second… what?

The time thing… its on the 27th

Oh, okay thanks. Nice catch!

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Is there any possibility to take ATC anywhere?

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I could probably perform ATC. If anyone wants to be ground / tower just comment. I’d rather fly though

Question… May we fly cargo aircrafts?

I would prefer not but if you would like to that’s alrighty with me

its more of an escort flight so I wouldn’t recommend using a cargo aircraft

I meant I will do ATC!

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Okay, go for it mate!

Okay, thanks I’ll be there

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