Opening 2 identical ATC stations

Last FNF at Vancouver (on expert), I was about to depart and all 5 ATC stations were active. When I was first at the hold short line after quite a long queue for takeoff, before I even switched to tower frequency someone came behind, taxied quickly through me, and asked for takeoff clearance while entering the runway.

I nodded to myself in pity and expected him to disappear to Ghostland soon.

Instead, he got his clearance and took off.

If I remember correctly, the same controller was operating both ground and tower at that time, which was one of the busiest peaks in that event.
Obviously, it’s insane to expect one person to control takeoffs and landings on 3 active runways at the same time, taking care of ground movements including runway crossing and still notice those who try to get away will little ghostable games. Actually, even if there were separate controllers at that time, I doubt that they could still notice everything that going down on the ground when it’s so busy.

So I remembered that sometime I saw 2 approach frequencies at the same time, to split the workload. I wonder if similar thing exist for tower or ground. I think there are times it’s definitely needed.


Agreed! That’s definitely too much for just one controller!


not sure what you are asking, but IFATC do open tower and ground separately if the airport is busy. thats the best we can do in term of workload

How long ago was this that you remember seeing two frequencies? A few years back there were two frequencies of everything. That was removed though

Read the original post for the answer :)

I’m pretty sure that I once witnessed two approach frequencies for the same airport at the same time. APP1 and APP2.
Is that possible for tower and ground either?

I mean when was it that he saw two app frequencies.

Jose and I were operating appr and dep, and both handled arrivals.

Sorry, your post wasn’t very clear.

I started playing IF last December, so I guess 3-4 months ago.

Yeah but that’s using those frequencies. We haven’t got two app frequencies anymore though.

But yeah that’s probably what he saw then I guess

Yeah, but that’s what he’s referencing. We were splitting the workload. To answer your question, usually controllers will split up and have one ground controller and a different tower controller when it gets busy. At the time, there weren’t many controllers available and we were obliged to keep the airport open as it was the main FNF airport.


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