Open Virtual Airlines To Create

You’ve forgotten that most of them are already VAs!

I also specified interesting which means partnerships and aircraft.

In addition, Flydubai also flies only one.

But they partner with Emirates? 🤔

@Danman while you’re here, please confirm that people are not allowed to reserve VA subsidiaries? I saw that in a discussion once.

Nope. Tell me where an El Al Virtual is?
Where’s Air Mauritius, Thomas Cook, DHL, Oman Air, XiamenAir, etc?


Fair point, but hmm, yeah fair argument, nothing against it. 😂

There was literally a thread about starting El Al virtual 😂,

DHL exists and if you look at the IFVARB website, having a 787 or A350 isn’t very nice, UNLESS! you have a partnership.

Xiamen would also be great too
But Fiji is better
SriLankan is another good choice as well

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There was a thread. It’s not reserved.

DHL wasn’t on IFVARB database, not unless I know. You’ve written “open VAs to create”, accordingly, I’m going to suggest VA/VOs that haven’t been made.

DHL is made, I think you’re approaching this thread in an aggressive matter, this is just a discussion to please take a second.

Just added! 😎

Where is DHL Virtual?

I’m just saying, first find out whether those VAs exist or not. I checked from the IFVARB database before suggesting.

In addition, having A350s and 787s are not bad ideas. When did they write that on their website? Not to mention, many VAs only operate A350s or majorly 787 dependent.

Oh hey I just realised there no Vietnam Airlines?

That’s reserved :)

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Hi all,

This thread is turning into a set of petty arguments. Please refer to the official VA/VO database Here, the official reservation list here, and the list of banned VA’s here.

Please refrain from undue speculation on our stance surrounding subsidiaries as they are handled on a case-by-case basis utilizing established principles.

On Behalf of the IFVARB Admin Team


This would be epic! A partnership with a possible Fiji and South African would make it insane!

So we’re closing this thread now? :(

No, he just said, don’t make undue speculations. I’m sorry about that, since I learned about that with my VA when another subsidiary was made. Won’t happen again @Danman.

Added it! 😁