Open Virtual Airlines To Create

The IFC is full of amazing and committed people to start a virtual airline, but they just don’t have the motive! They don’t have a reason! They think all the good ones are taken! I’m here to prove them wrong!

I’ll be listing the best possible open VAs to create & the reasons why!

I’ll be updating this reguraly!

  • Frontier Virtual
    ~ Partners with JetBlue, AA, AC, wide Airbus & CRJ fleet

  • evelop! Virtual
    ~ Just found a whole route data base that makes it so easy for a VA, open for a lot of partnerships perhaps with budget long haul airlines across the US and Europe.

  • Fiji Virtual
    ~ A great fleet! Perhaps a generic short hauler across Oceania and their 737 for hops to NZ & Australia! Their A350 for transpacific routes!

  • Luxair Virtual
    ~ This one’s interesting! A Q400 for hope amongst Europe, a 737 for high passenger capacity hops, and then, a possible partnership with Cargolux for the 747!

  • Jetstar Virtual
    ~ Possible partnership with Qantas Virtual, long and short haul aircraft!

  • Air Mauritius Virtual
    ~This would be epic! A partnership with a possible Fiji and South African would make it insane!

  • FlyDubai Virtual
    @Ecoops123 launched one, but then turned it into WestJet Virtual, which means it’s all free! Endless opportunities if you partner with Emirates Virtual!

  • GOL Virtual
    ~ Partnership with Azul Virtual & Aeromexico will be 🔥

  • Air Austral Virtual
    ~ The Airline can operate in a fashionable matter with its wide fleet of long haul aircraft!

  • Airbus Virtual
    ~ Lastly, we all know of the infamous Boeing Virtual, let’s give Airbus some love!

Come on y’all! Get creative you can do this!


I am not asking for someone to help me make one, I am very sorry if they are already made, I am sorry if this is in the wrong section, Please dont close this.

The thread is closed but I’ll keep updating it!




I’m working on this one but we’re not in IFVARB review phase yet.


GOL could be a cool one for someone to make! A lot of South American routes

Cough… cough… @ktaviation @CollinFlys


Added 😉

Well from what I know, on their Instagram they had a huge problem, their staff quit and the shutdown…

I think Vueling could be a cool one too!

GOL VA Should be perfect 🤩

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Well, you’ve forgotten a few there:

El Al Virtual
Egyptair Virtual
SriLankan Virtual
Azerbaijan Virtual
Air Mauritius Virtual
TAM Virtual
Air Austral Virtual
LOT Polish Virtual (I heard they decided to close as said on their now unlisted thread)
DHL Virtual
Thomas Cook Virtual (They closed down, but why not?)
LAN Virtual
Oman Air Virtual
Jetstar Virtual
XiamenAir (Yes, they have a 787-8)

Most important, the VA with the most liveries to date and most routes: Generic Virtual


Jetstar Virtual comes under Qantas Virtual Group.

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Nope @sam2875. IFVARB allows subsidiary VAs to operate on their own. I learned that the hard way.

Yes, but will the VA allow it?

It’s not about whether or not. VA subsidiaries are not protected.


Both operating under a recently approved VA

Wait, who is operating LAN & TAM? I haven’t seen either one on the IFVARB database…

Infinite Flight Aero Brasil

You got the gem right here

Copyright reasons. :(

Oops, got it. They’re under the IFAB name including LATAM, TAM, & LAN.

Nah, one aircraft. I wrote “interesting VAs”

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Can you change? Change plss Fiji is better

Maybe, but with 1 737 that won’t be really, uhh, diverse.