[Open] TS1 ATC @PHOG

Feedback appreciated, patternwork accepted.
Expect 05/23 if in a prop
02/20 if in a dash or jet

I would advise you to tell people what server you are on


Well if you can’t control on casual - and IFATC never usually advertise that they are on (not that I know anyway)- so there is quite a big chance that it’s on TS1 :)

BTW I thought your profile pic was a shot of Global! 🤣 LOL. That’s how realistic it is.


Yeah, I know what you mean, but

But I suppose it is obvious.

Haha, glad you like ma profile pic (unfortunately not IF but maybe in 10 years it could look like that…)


That was because no one was spawning for ages. That’s why I advertised

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Okay, I just finished doing some patter work and my call sign was CLUPP in a Dash8. Overall I had a good experience with your controlling but there were a couple things you should work on. I took off from runway 02 when I turned for my right downwind for runway 02 you gave me “number 1, runway 02, cleared for the option” then 2 min later you gave me a “number 2, traffic to follow is on right base” but the only aircraft near the airport was myself and a plane that had just taken off and entered right downwind behind me. So I informed you I was on final for runway 02 and all I received was “roger” I never received that I was number 1, runway 02, cleared to land.

Like I said, overall I enjoyed flying with you today but just some little things I noticed. Keep up the good work and #1 have fun out there!

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thanks, feedback is really useful. You were really good and followed all instructions. Worked out the issues and i’ll clear ya next time!

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