Open Team GB training session @ EHAM - 181645ZSEP16

Server: Training 2

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EHAM

Time: 16:45

NOTAM: This is an open session for anyone who wants to see team GB. We will fly from EHAM to EDDL. Please come and support the British team. We will do a team fly over of EDDL then pattern in with ATC help and land hopefully two at a time on the parallel runways at EDDL. Team GB will use BA A380 so please don’t use this and we will use Speedbird callsign so you know who we are

Could someone confident with ATC but not IFATC ATC for us. Comment below

B51: @Matt_Elphick
B52: @AdamCallow
B53: @Boodz_G
B54: @Wren_Jago
B55: @MishaCamp
B62: @emerald_mc
B63: @trantram001
ATC: @a380fan

(Will add more if needed)

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Ok coming for training as speedbird 2016 super

IFATC aren’t allowed to control on TS.

Why not?,

Dunno. Better ask IFATC about that 😉. I tried to get them for my event, but they said the same thing.

We can’t control on TS mostly because we had several incidents of controllers farming ops. Also, they would prefer that we provide service on the expert server, not TS where there is abundance of controllers.

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@Nicholas_L What about for an event like this?

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Nope, still can’t.

Ok. Can you name a good ATC person who can go on training

Can you ATC?

Don’t have live.

Simply move the event to the Expert server ;)

Or get some people that are training to be IFATC.

Most of our pilots haven’t got the required XP


I will do ATC, I am not yet IFATC but have had plenty of practice.

thank you. Can you start at EHAM them move to EDDL when we have left EHAM Airspace

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Sure I can.

I will try and come does it matter what plane I am in other than A380

No it doesnt

Chat gate should I start at