Open Sourcing the User Guide

Following the release of 22.6, we are excited to announce that we will be “open sourcing” the User Guide to allow the community and anyone further afield to be able to contribute to the guides.

What does open sourcing mean for our User Guide?

The term “open source” means we will be making the source of the User Guides public for anyone to be able to modify or contribute to any part of them.

Why are we doing this?

The knowledge of the community is nothing short of amazing, and we want to be able to harness this by allowing enthusiasts to be able to contribute to the guides. We hope by taking this step it will help diversify the content and improve the breadth of subjects covered.

How do I contribute?

  • Visit the User Guide
  • Navigate to any page that you wish to edit
  • Scroll to the bottom of that page and tap “Contribute on GitHub”
  • GitHub will be opened in a new browser with the page you have selected

A GitHub account is required, you can sign up here

  • From here you will be able to modify the page and submit it for review

Top Tips

We have worked really hard on our guides to ensure they are accurate, standardized, and ultimately a great learning resource. All contributions will be reviewed and only those that we believe add value to the guides will be approved. Here are some top tips on how to make sure your contributions make it to the guides:

  • Make sure to follow our style guide
  • Ensure that any edits made are accurate, clear and concise
  • Check for spelling and grammatical errors

We strongly recommend that any contributions are to fix issues in the existing content rather than trying to create completely new content

How do I use GitHub?

We are unable to provide support on how to use GitHub, but for more information on this as well as learning resources, visit their quick start guide here:


that’s a very cool idea :)

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Kinda following Wikipedia.

I do like the idea though. There are definitely some really useful tips from users here, and this is a smart way of collecting and organizing this.





I’m glad to see IF starting to let the community help with stuff now.


Nice idea! One question: how do people know when a new rule is under effect?!

thanks, this is a good idea. The ATC manual was missing a bunch of things. i would love to contribute

Keep in mind that the manual is a rule book for IFATC that is very carefully and actively maintained. Any recommended changes will still need to be reviewed and approved by the team. If there is ATC material that is more guidance in nature, consider contributing to the ATC Guide. We’d love to grow that section as well! Cheers


I understand. its on github so either way they do have to review the changes.

This is what I call the true “INFINITE FLIGHT COMMUNITY SPIRIT”!!!☺️☺️👍👍 As many people already have said it, by opening the community for other Infinite Flight projects like the scenery editor, this will absolutely shoot infinite flight to the skies!! 🔜🔜🔜


What a fantastic idea!

Just an idea: A simple guide, and an advanced guide, so people can pour all the information they want, but it wont overwhelm new users!

Thanks for the idea but rather than having a simplified/advanced guide, we have just chosen to have a guide covering each aspect of Infinite Flight instead.

And then within each guide, we try and keep each page fairly short so that any reader can just see the information that they were looking for (such as how to fly an ILS approach, rather than being shown every approach type possible and how to fly each one).

We think this is a good balance between making sure that a reader gets all the accurate information that they need, but hopefully in an easy to read and bitesize format.


This is amazing!! I cannot wait to see all the new additions!!


So glad to see this being implemented. Can’t wait to see all that will come from it!

Is it allowed to put real world/irrelevant to IF knowledge on basic basis ?

It can be real world information but it needs to be relevant to Infinite Flight. However we strongly recommend just starting with fixes or additions to the existing content first, rather than trying to create completely new content to add to the guides.

As this develops then we will look to add more guidance on what we can or can’t allow.


That’s a great idea! I would like to translate it entirely to French, making a translated version of it (separately of course)

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I’m onboard with this! Could this be a way to translate the guide to Spanish? I feel like it could be a way to make it easier for our Spanish speaking community and something I’m willing to contribute with.