Open runways at dest airport

Which app can I use to find out about which runways are open at my destination airport

Open runways in real life don’t always match with infinite flight

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There is no app to find out which runways will be in use. You can look at METAR and real life runways in use and that will probably get you to the right runway the vast majority of times. On Expert, if approaching an active airport you can tune into ATIS frequency once you are at about 110nm from the airport and confirm which runways are in use.


Thanks a lot!! I appreciate it very much.

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Forgot to mention one more way… you can also pull up and watch the traffic flow (if there’s any…).

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Thank you very much!!
I’ll do that.

I just go to flight aware and search up my destination and see where the traffic is going ,yeah pretty simple

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If you’re really dedicated you can check the NOTAMs if it’s in the US

I second this… is a great resource and I use it on every flight for this reason.

Thank you very much. I appreciate you guys taking the time to help me.

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