[OPEN] @ PHNL on TS1 - Brent_Adams ATC Tracking Thread

Now controlling KFLL on Training Server. Feel free to come do touch and go’s. Please leave feedback on my skills!

You should be all set now. Be sure to mark when it’s closed and when you change airports. Other considerations below:

-Be sure that you set aside a minimum of 30 minutes to control.
-Ensure that you allow pattern work at your airport. This builds confidence and reputation.
-Be prepared to take constructive criticism.
-Don’t get frustrated by some of the folks on TS1 as they may not follow your direction. Take it in stride.

Most of all have some fun, learn and stay dedicated. Controlling airports is a great challenge!


Your Welcome… appreciate the enthusiasm But no need to send on Guard with approach when I am talking to you on tower or tell people they need to check the forum it just creates unnecessarily radio chatter, read the flight info, if the pilot has a FPL filed no need to send an on Guard message since you already know what their intentions are, most guys who are level 2+ know what they are doing.

The guys you need to look out for are the guys with no FPL and guys not flying your pattern. I usually have one TO runway and multiple landing runways just in case someone misses

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Thank you for your feedback!

Sorry it’s been awhile everyone!

Come out and join everyone, if you’d like. It’s really boring at the moment haha. Merry Christmas to everyone as well!

open at EDDF? ill come for a few

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I’ll come over in 5 minutes

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Thanks for patterns! sent you a couple of small notes!

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That was definently my bad. Forgot to switch ILS back to auto. It’s late. Would have stayed longer but my battery is about to run out. Did fine while I was there. 👌

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Thank you! Hope to see you again!

Well I don’t understand since I am controlling there at the moment! @MaksimFerguson

Well I’m open at the moment

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And to your as well sir

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Feel free to come to MYNN in the Caribbean livery!

Training to be IFATC so please come show your support!

coming! :))))))))))))

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Thanks for coming! Hope your experience was great! I had to keep reworking my patterns because I’d see that they were going as planned! The patterns went great for awhile!

Mods please close this since I can no longer edit this topic. Thanks

Just flag it, my friend.

EDIT: You should be able to edit it too, for some reason.

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