Open or share a flight plan

Hello, I have seen that at the bottom of the flight plan section, there is a button “Open flight plan”, how can I open one? I’m using an app called Flight Planner, the route can be copied but I don’t know how to open it in IF.
Does anyone know how to do it?

Hi, in which format does the so-called flight-planner exports the flightplan? Infinite flight accepts flightplans in garmin’s .fpl format and spaces separated waypoint names like

Thanks for answering, it doesn’t actually export it, it just copies it but I don’t know how I can export it in that format you mention

Sounds like it’s exporting them as text, can you try to copy and paste one of the flightplans here so we can see if it can work with IF?

Sure, if it is copied as text, this is an example route that I wanted to try, or would I like an app that you can suggest to me?


It won’t work as you’ve provided, but if you remove SID BIVAN (You can replace it with BIVAN2 departure when in-game) and STAR it should work

And maybe some app you know that exports the flight plan in the format you mentioned?

Try You’ll need to register a free simbrief account, but after that you’ll be able to generate IF-ready flightplans and you’ll get a lot of other info with it, like fuel and cruising altitude

Awesome! Thank you very much! is the only source for flight-lans that has Garmin .fpl export that I am aware of. I’ll use it frequently for some reasons.
The other way is when you do routes frequently you can store your Flightplan by exporting it and load it later back in.
I used that also when I prepared for a flight and had the Flightplan ready in IF when I need to cancel the flight for external reasons.

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Thanks bro, i’ll try

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