Open letter to the developers, please make sure clouds are more than eye candy

I think the title hardly does my point justice. I know a topic like this is rife with technical limitations and factors well beyond my or the developers control, but hear me out on this one for all its worth. I would also like to address my placement of this topic in #general, I felt that this was better than #features because we know clouds are in development, and I want to have a discussion about what clouds will/can be not whether they will be in the sim.

Anyway now that that’s out of the way, we know clouds are in the works, perhaps the most anticipated feature in recent memory, and certainly one of them most requested. I’m very happy that clouds are coming, don’t mistake me for that, but I want to bring up what I feel should be an important part of their development that we haven’t heard anything about.

Will we be seeing other changes to the weather model that clouds will tie into, or will the just be useless eye candy? Short of a windsock clouds are probably your single best visual clue into what the weather is going to be in front of you. Whether that’s a puffy cumulus to indicate a thermal to help your glider get some altitude, or a lenticular cloud indicating rotary turbulence or a great lift depending on how you approach. Will clouds just be a the weather says it should be here so drop some in? Or will they be generated and affected by the game’s weather model?

I totally understand that without major changes that may very well not be possible modeling all the clouds and their atmospheric effects is impossible. But I would like to make sure that either those changes or some half way mark are in progress and or planned, or at the very least the tools we have in the simulator now will be used to make these clouds feel real. Currently we have relatively rudimentary things like wind direction turbulence amount, etc, and if implemented correctly, especially if thermal activity could be added it would definitely be possible to get a reasonably crude but effective feeling on the clouds. If it is implemented, and whatever changes your planning on making or not making, I really do hope that clouds actually impact the flight and are not little more than eye candy. Perhaps this is a factor in starting with Cirrus clouds a non precipitous cloud that has very little if not no impact on passing planes.

Thanks for anyone who has made it to the end, but I just want to make sure this doesn’t go unheard since I haven’t heard anything about this in the all be it small amount of news about clouds we’ve gotten, and a lot of the excitement here in the community has been about the looks, so I just wanted to get this side out there. Clouds could certainly be the single biggest change to how we fly in the simulator in a long time, but if you can pass through a cumulonimbus cloud with no punishment they will become little more than a party trick for the simulator with no real impact. We’ve seen this before Aerofly FS2020 mobile where they added clouds, but best I can tell they have no real impact on the placement of the thermals, or perhaps I should say the location of thermals has no impact on them, nor do they generate any turbulence or take any effect from the rest of the weather in the game. That combined with there very short draw distance makes them if anything annoying imo. I really hope Infinite Flight doesn’t go this route of visually appealing simulation wise useless.

I have a sneaking suspicion a lot of users are going to pile on with you’ll see when they come, and this should be closed. I would ask that you refrain from commenting that, especially repeating it several times, and wait for the moderators to come along. Perhaps this is destined for the grave yard, but let’s not kill it before it’s dead. Any comments on this are appreciated though.


I am glad someone brought this up. You’re not asking when clouds are coming and why they aren’t here yet or moaning about why they are taking so long. In fact, I think this helps explain to people why clouds aren’t here yet. A cloud - although many think it is - isn’t just a white blob. As at first it will just be the cirrus clouds, yeah they probably won’t have much impact and shouldn’t as you stated. But, when they do add more thpes, I do hope that and I think that IF will make them have an effect. I also hope this makes people realise - as well as the more graphics and performance related issues - why clouds are not here yet. Well said, @KPIT .


Thank you. I’m happy to let them take there time, I’m glad they are in fact, but I really hope this is done right because it could be fantastic if it is. The infinite flight team has pulled off some amazing things, I really hope clouds can be added to that list.


I’d be pretty happy if the first iteration was just eye candy. Then improve upon that with added weather in future iterations. If extra weather features were added at the same time then even better, but I don’t think clouds should have to wait for those types of features.


I hear you in that one, but I’d argue to the contrary. I’m waiting to just see clouds as much as anyone, but for me that would be like if they shipped the 77W without a cockpit and said just look at the outside that’s still pretty. It loses a lot of, if not all functionality.


I agree with that last point 😂

77W with no cockpit = 💩

Clouds ☁️

A great topic, and good on you for bringing it up in a calm and collective way. I think I would rather wait until we have the technology to make them interactive, rather than just have eye candy.


This is a great post to those who forgot about it and helps us get a refresher. Honestly great topic man totally agree with you there


It would definitely be unprecedented within the mobile field if it was pulled off for it to interact with the weather.


It would be, but infinite flight has by some margin the most aircraft, implemented the whole world well before anyone else on mobile, had satellite imagery for the whole thing. Sufficient to say infinite flight has a history of firsts, and I really hope this is an opportunity for another one.


@KPIT… MaxSez: It’s alway refreshing when a knowledgeable journeyman member succinctly states a case for development realism.

Weather and its phenomenon to include cloud formations types impact dramatically on flight operations & route planning and can never be understated.

I’m confident the developers will strive for perfection in their quest to field “Clouds” on this simulator within its limited technical capability that satisfy the journeyman and fledging alike.

Well Stated @KPIT, your Topics are always, timely, relevant and on point. “Do Good Work, BZ”!

Warm Regards, MaxSends


Thanks a lot for you’re support. Really means a lot to have someone like you onboard.

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Great post! Tbh I would rather have clouds and more realistic weather, and REAL lights be added now then another aircraft rework.


What I really think is if Infinite Flight doesn’t like a feature in the game, they wont release it. So maybe they were planning to realese clouds for 20.1 but they weren’t the quality as IF wanted it to be. Maybe they are planning to add clouds in 20.2. All I know is Infinite Flight is willing to take time to make new features quality. So I have no doubt when clouds come out they will be great.

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Amazing Post! You Expressed it with utmost professionalism!

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👏👏👏 intense clapping

I’m sure the clouds will have physics and stuff.

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Hey @KPIT!
For news about clouds you can go to the development timeline. As for the rest of you’re requests, they will be developed after project metal is completed. Hope this helped!

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I understand these things, don’t worry I’ve been around the block here a few times. I would also be cautious throwing everything under the project metal banner, it’s going to help a lot, but I’ve noticed a lot of people throwing anything technically challenging under that umbrella and I don’t think that’s entirely accurate.


I’m not throwing anything, if you go to the blog, you can see features you specifically asked for as being confirmed features post project metal.


Man really just linked the development timeline to KPIT… lmao

I agree with everything said here


It shows some features, yes, but not the ones he’s specially trying to ask for. To sum his post up, he’s saying that besides just having clouds to look at or fly through, there should be a concept of weather or similar in the clouds. Maybe not even rain or something, just a sort of temperature difference or wind/turbulence when passing through. That post talks about “dense clouds,” however it doesn’t mention anything about actual weather differences in the clouds.

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