[OPEN] KSAN Approach Is Open


I am active again! Feel free to work some patterns with me as I try to develop some sense of repetition! I have gone over tower depaturtues and approaches

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I stopped by for a quick few patterns. I noticed a few things to point out:

Not sure why you said unable pattern work?

Do not give pattern instructions when remaining in the pattern, you told me to enter right downwind 08L. The only time you should be giving a pattern instruction is when an aircraft is inbound to the airport or if they are requesting a change to another runway than the current runway.
You also didn’t clear me for the option on my first pattern, hence why I called final because you didn’t give me a clearance.
On my second pattern you should have sequenced me behind the aircraft on final as I didn’t know who to follow , e.g G-N1TR no 2 traffic to follow is on final. That way I know who I’m following within the pattern.

Remember - sequence and clear (sequence me behind others if I’m not no 1 and clear me for the option/landing)

That’s all I have as I didn’t stay long due to time. I reccommend you have a look through some of the ATC tutorials in #tutorials to improve your skills ;) I also reccommend you to practice at a smaller airfield with 2 pararel runways, that will make it easier for you.


I also came in for some patterns to see how you are doing, was also told unable pattern work.
When you have inbound flights they should be sequenced AND cleared for landing.
I’d suggest to first watch the tutorial videos, take tower and ground at a smaller airport and ask for feedback there.

Good luck :)


Left you feedback via private message but mirrors the above comments mostly. Think we had com issues during my transition.


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