[OPEN] Igamer's NEW ATC Tracking Thread

Hey Guys!

I am controlling my hometown airport, Coffs Harbour (YCFS). Come down under and do some short hops in a Dash 8, 737 or A320!

Coffs Harbour (YCFS)


Airport Information

Departure Rwy:
Arrival Rwy:

YCFS 260500Z AUTO 17007KT 9999 // OVC072 20/14 Q1027 RF0.0/000.0
Decoded Metar:
Location: YCFS
Day of month: 26
Time: 05:00 UTC
Report is fully automated, with no human intervention or oversight
Wind: True direction = 170 degrees, Speed: 7 knots
Visibility: 10 km or more
Clouds: Overcast sky , at 7200 feet above aerodrome level
Temperature: 20 degrees Celsius
Dewpoint: 14 degrees Celsius
QNH (Sea-level pressure): 1027 hPa

Traffic Patterns: Allowed
Approach into Rwy 21: I suggest you look at some charts. If you don’t want to just enter left downwind Rwy 21 until you see an island, (you will be on very short final), make a hard left turn until you see the runway. You may be a bit off runway centerline but correct quickly. (It’s a bit like Funchal)
Aircraft Restrictions:
Nothing larger than an A321 or Boeing 737-900

I hope you can join me for my controlling!
Happy Flying!

Hey! I’d love to pass by but unfortunately I cannot ATM. I suggest you stay open for a little longer than 10-20 minutes though so you get more people. Best of luck on your IFATC exams!

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I can only really do 10 - 20 minutes because I have to leave for school. Thanks and mabey next time!

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