Open/Closed Runways

I was flying to LGA today and I noticed something odd about the weather and their relation to the open runways. There was 12knts of wind at the airport, however the map showed all runways were open. I then went on the unicom frequency, and saw that there were in fact opened and closed runways.


What’s up with that? Am I doing something wrong?

Sorry about the awkward wording

I think this is a known problem. Expect it to be solved in the coming update.


Hi, the green and red do not indicate a closed runway, they indicate the best runway to takeoff/land from. Just because a runway is red does not mean you cannot use it.

I know that, its not about that. Read it closer.

The Red colors don’t denote closed runways. They just denote unfavorable wind conditions for using that runway.

IF is currently facing some weather issues which is hopefully fixed in the already released update.

This is most likely caused due to the issues with METAR/TAF people have been experiencing.

We haven’t seen that problem during Beta, so it should be good once the update lands in your device.


You guys arent seeing it right. Its a different problem

We are seeing it right. As I said, the weather system in IF is currently facing some issues, that’s why you have a different color denotion in your ATC messages list and in the map. It should hopefully be solved in the new update.

I have had this issue as well. On the map the winds are shown as light and all runways are green however when you select the Unicom to announce that your inbound the runway designations are different. ( some red, some green and some organge)

Usually happens after a Medium haul flight of about 4-6hrs.

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Ok, I see. I didn’t read your comment all the way through, thats my bad.

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