[OPEN] BRAY1367's New years KJFK event!

Hello, I will be holding my first event!


The event will be held at KJFK at 7:00 PM EST (19:00 Zulu) December 31, 2017.


Server: TS1

Airport: KJFK

Aircrafts: Use your favorite aircraft, link up with your friends do whatever!

If you apply, please post what ATC you would like to be. I will then contact you via DM’s.
Tower: Open
Ground: Open
Approach: Open
Departure: Open

Regarding terminals, I will not be assigning terminals, just be aware that we will be using 13L and 13R (mostly for ATC). Also, please have some etiquette when it comes to terminals, don’t pick the closest one to the runway, don’t spawn on top of someone.

Please post if you will be attending the event below.
This is my first event, please be patient. I won’t be watching this form all day. I will try contacting you ASAP.
We will be accepting 35 people MAX, at that point, I will announce that the event has been closed.
I will DM you if you can attend the event and you have posted below.
Please don’t do pattern work.
If you would like to fly with me (callsign will be BRAY1367) please DM me and I will give my flight plan cruising speed, etc.
Please arrive 10 minutes early if possible.

Thank you!
(if I have made a mistake post below, thanks)

BRAY1367 out…

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This post belongs in the #live:events. In order to post there you must be TL2 or higher.

Oops, sorry. What should I do? I don’t think I am TL2.

No worries! To learn more about the Trust level structure you can refer to this:


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Also, Once you do reach TL2, please check this out to see how to properly host and format an event:

Warm Greetings and Merry Christmas,


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