hi guys come fly at tncm there is an event going on now and you can also do some circuits on my airport everyone is welcome to join. i will be controlling for as long a possible so come:D

Ok, ill come. time for some patterns

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nice will see you there:)

Spitfire here I come.

haha ok nice:D

You need to use back taxi commands. after landing

oh yeah sorry LOL

go again there is an spitfire now so i can practice with the difference off speed between you guys

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You need to give me a pattern entry as i said i was departing

why? then?

Short flight as I have to go

Few points.

  • When I request departure on takeoff that means Iā€™m not in the pattern anymore. That means when I say inbound you need to give me a patterns entry

  • Say backtaxi sooner. Side note: it backtaxi runway 10 as that it the active.

  • The spitfire behind me should have gone around.

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yeah i know sorry

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