Atc open at KSFO, feedback appreciated @anon66442947

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since this is my 1st T & G you must say make R or L traffic

dont have to tell again UNLESS we change runways

Ok, thanks! Didn’t realise you where here because of UFC and might be going back

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Sorry ifc*

rwy change you MUST give new pattern Entry first

ENTER Rt Downwind for 28L

THEN Clear for the Option make LEFT traffic


When i just changed again to Rwy 28R Need to give me Pattern Entry before sequencing

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Ok sorry, misunderstood thanks!

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Nice GO Around instructions

Thanks, thought you were go off earlier and cleared the guy for takeoff :/

No I said slowed intentionally to see if you were paying attention nice job

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my only feedback at the moment is you didnt tell me to descend to pattern altitude

I don’t think I have to?

I was coming in from a transition I need to be told to descend to pattern altitude

You should descent by your own if you’re inbound after a transition. This message is only used if people are climbing to 3’000 feet or more during pattern work.

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