Open a crew center

Hello. I want to open a crew center for my VA. Can you please help?

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Wich type of Crew Center would you like to use, there is a list of some platform for Crew Center ;

  • VANet by @KaiM and @rebal15, is a free Crew Center and easy to set up.
  • phpVMS 5 - old version of phpVMS but still a good one, you can use an free infinityfree account.
  • phpVMS 7 - new version of phpVMS a really modern one, they required an paid host, I recommend you it is not expensive and works very well.
  • AIRTABLE - is a really good tool for the VA, is really easy to use and required nothing like coding or anything else.

There is some of my recommendations, hope it’s help you.

Have a great day

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If you require 1 to 1 help let me know. Kai taught me a lot until it got to the point I can set them up so i vowed to help others

I think this topic can be closed, thanks for your help 😊

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Hey @Fung_Sum-sum, I have helped many virtual Airlines develop crew centers before. PM me if you’re interested and I can help you get your crew center up by the end of the night!