OP count not working

Hi, was just controlling on Expert for 2 hours at EGBB, and according to my Operation count I only gained one op 🤔🤔 I have two screenshots at the start and end to prove this also.

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Give it time to load, it doesn’t refresh instantly. :)

Try logging out and then back in. That sometimes help. Did your device crash at any point?

I had that happen a week ago. It never refreshed and only got 6 ops out of a busy almost two hour session. Oh well.

Done that., and nope it did not crash #ipadprolife

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It loads quickly for me, it only went up by 1

Mine usually takes 10 mins.

Thank god I’m not the only one then

Mine works after an instant restart of the app[quote=“CptNathanHope, post:7, topic:68807, full:true”]
Mine usually takes 10 mins.

Op numbers are not important. It’s the quality of service, not quantify. Please contact an ATC Moderator for any IFATC (expert server only) related issues.