Oopsie doopsie

I was banned for a year and IF blocked me on IG. How do I get them to unblock me.

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My first guess would be to not try it like this lol 🫠

I’m also doubting the relevance of a shoebill stork here…


Clearly a reason behind this. I would wait for a staff member to respond to this topic.


I certainly advise against making topics like these, as they wont help you. I’m sure you were blocked for a legitimate reason. If you truly believe it was wrong, please wait for a staff member to respond in the thread, or they may choose to reach out to you privately.


Oh I definitely was blocked for a legitimate reason lmao. I just wanna know if they gonna unblock me

Well if it was for a legitimate reason, then I highly doubt it…
If you know you shouldn’t do something and that it would get you banned, don’t do it


Well done. You have officially figured out how to guarantee to NOT be unblocked. My congratulations to you. I dont see the point of this topic then (:

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To be honest I don’t rlly see the point in it either. I jus wanted to make one

Let’s just get this straight - you were banned for a legitimate reason, now asking if and when you will be unblocked but at the same time say you will do whatever it was that go you blocked again?


In a nutshell: Yes.
I hope you didnt lose too many brain cells reading this like me…


I have changed my mind and decided that I will not do it again

I think your entire reasoning in this topic speaks quite clearly to why and if you will be unblocked.
Think about it ;)


No point in further discussion