Apparently the game does not agree with me having enough skill to land an A346 at YWDR…I did it easily, very nice landing, only to get a violation for landing there. Rip. At least it was on TS…

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This should be in #live


Yeah, I really should go sleep now…thanks!

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Include airport restriction in pre flight checklist 😊V

Please be more descriptive with your title.

Well you see, I was flying from Sydney to Canberra and got bored, so I went and randomly landed at a nearby airport lol. Maybe I should’ve pulled up when I saw a grass strip…

A good way to know if your plane is restricted or no, press on the airport, if your plane is restricted to land there it will tell you

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In my ignorance, I saw that it said restricted when locking the airport at a waypoint, but thought,“Well, I like a challenge.” Apparently it gives you a violation for doing that 😂


Well then , why are you complaining. You knew you were going to get a violation

A) I’m not complaining, I actually find this pretty funny.

B) I actually didn’t know that doing that would give you a violation.

But that’s just me…


Why didn’t you take off again, it gives you a warning before giving you a violation.

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To stop my A346 on the runway, I basically stalled onto it, so even with go-around power I still didn’t get back up in time ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Shouldn’t’ve risked it then

I knew I shouldn’t do it when I saw the grass runway up ahead, but I still did 😂 On the bright side, I would’ve managed to do a complete stop on the runway if I hadn’t gone to go-around power.

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