Oops! It happened again!


If you looked at the title, you would know that this is yet another WWll inspired photo. If you didn’t read the title, then I don’t know what to say. Anyway, I did this one in solo mode again, and used photo editors to add all the aircraft to the same photo. And I used the same filter as last time, it looks better than the filter I used on the first one in my opinion. So today, we’re over the English Channel fighting the Battle of Britain — a change from my last two topics which represented the Battle of Berlin. I had to use the Spitfire, because of Spitfire reasons. But I also used it as a stand-in for BF-109s, because we don’t have them in the sim. So enough of my usual chatting, how about I show the photo!

A full blown dogfight all in one photo, with 2 spitfires in the bottom of the photo, with one pulling out of a tight turn. A BF-109 (Spitfire) dives into the battle to attack the pair of Spitfires.

So I’m thinking about turning this into a series, so let me know if you would like that. And as usual, thank for stopping by this topic, feedback is always accepted, and have a great day IFC! And thank you to our service members and veterans!


Thanks for these photos, I have a WWII test in History tomorrow so I could always use a Battle of Britain refresher 😂

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Oh boy, in I come again with my 737!🤣


Well I expected to say “thank you,” but now I’m saying “your welcome!” Good luck on your test!

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Ah, yes of course. How could I forget?

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You should do a WW2 themed war game event

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We should have a giant formation flight of bombers and fighters… I wish we had different liveries! Then we could truly dog fight!!


Haha 😂 thanks!

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That. Would. Be. Epic!

That would be really fun, though hard to organize as an event. I’ll certainly think about it!

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Love it! Looks very unique from other post Clap-Clap

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Thank you so much, @ThomasThePro!

Great edit as always @Butter_Boi

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This is my third WWll edit, so I wouldn’t say “always.” Unless you’ve seen my rain photos. Either way, thank you! Hope to make another one of these WWll edits soon.