Oo-rah (Don't ask, don't tell)

Left Mexico after a joint military and DEA op.

Had to drop off a soldier by LAS before heading to LSV.


Did your fuel tank spawn in an F16? I have so many questions 😂.



No please…an F** was on the prowl

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@Dr3ambigg3r Ye I saw you didn’t connect and realized you did a real sweet looking break away when ATC vectored me away.

Thought you were trying to get my attention with all those loops and rolls you were doing back there

Thank you, wasn’t the smartest choice, but glad you enjoyed it. I was the don’t break Mach Guy 43 up hahaha @ToasterStroodie Sorry :/

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Got me dying with that comment haha all is well, My wifi wasn’t having with all that awesome traffic.