Onwards To Beijing!

Hey guys, first time posting some screenshots and in this category! These were taken on a recent flight from New York to Beijing for this week’s Friday Night Flight (Happy Chinese New Year!). For this route, I decided to head straight north out of New York, heading over northern Canada, Greenland, the North Pole, northern Russia, and finally into China. There wasn’t much traffic at either airport, most people seemed to be flying into/out of Shanghai at the time, although it began to pick up at Beijing after I landed. Nothing too crazy, but just wanted to share my flight with you guys!

Route and flight info:

Departure airport: New York JFK (KJFK)

Arrival Airport: Beijing Capital (ZBAA)

Flight time: 13 hours & 17 minutes

Aircraft: Boeing 747-8, Air China

Callsign: CCA982 Heavy

Server: Expert

(I didn’t edit most since I wanted to share the journey as it was, although there are some minor edits to some photos to change the lighting around)

Rotating off of runway 31L

Tight left turn on the climb out over Canarsie

Out of US airspace and into Canada over Montreal. There’s CYUL!

Above Northern Canada as the sun begins to set, reflecting on the 747. Looks cold down there!

Won’t be seeing the sun again for a few hours…

A lone 747 and the coast of Greenland

A rising sun greeting the Queen of the Skies above Northern Russia

And a few hours later, welcome to Beijing with a nice landing on ZBAA’s runway 1!

If you’ve got a favorite, let me know (Personally, I’m always a fan of sunset/sunrise photos)
Thanks for checking these out! :)


amazing pics, air china brand is so beautiful tho!

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#7 is my favorite


hello queen of the skies
that yummy 747

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