Onward to Abu Dhabi with the 787

So for today’s flight, I decided to go to Abu Dhabi because there was a lot of pilots. So I decided to use the 787 on this trip. Very nice flight. Nut much turbulence but a lot of wind but it didn’t effect me that much. So here are the pictures.

Route: VILK ----> OMAA

Aircraft: Boeing 787/ Etihad Livery

Sever: Expert

So here is when I started off. I was able to get a view of an A350 and A320 in the background. Also there was a beautiful sunrise.

So after taxi, I Took off, heading Towards Abu Dhabi. Also some more sunrise shots. It was a smooth departure

After 3 hours later I started to approach Africa. Caught some of africas mountains while entering cruising near them.

Since I was approaching Abu Dhabi, I started my descent for a good landing. Then after clearance from both approach and tower, I was cleared to land. So after the landing I taxied to parking and ended the flight

So these are my photos. Also I would like to say thanks to @jasonrosewell for putting that message out to all pilots. I’m so glad the IF team cares for people :)


WoOoOwWwW ! So beautiful 😍
And how many time the flight take ?

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Almost 4 hours 🕦

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Nice pictures.

Though this is not a route IRL :(

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Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful

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Amazing pics! Love all the traffic.

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I particularly like the angle in 4th photo, amazing

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Lol, very unpredictable!

Vey beautiful!