Onur Air A320-200

Onur Air is a Turkish airline based in Istanbul and based at the Istanbul airport.

Onur Air primarily operates charter flights and also offers its aircraft and crew in wetlease. In scheduled air traffic, destinations within Turkey are offered. Furthermore, cities in Europe and the Middle East are served.

I see so many comments wishing to add more turkish airlines. I think with this paint they make a lot of Turkish pilots a joy. We also have more opportunities in the Turkish area!

I would like to vote for it but i still haven’t got a free vote. My list is full with Thy b789, Pegasus a320, b738, anadolujet 738, truck tilt etc. If one of my wishes become real i will vote for it.


Thanks for your Support. but I think that with 25 votes THY 787 will come for sure! So, if you vote here
THY will come anyway;)

@Harun_Koyuncu you want to vote my topic?

We Need more turkish Liverys ;)

Generell wird der Europäische Raum bisschen zu wenig ausgeschöpft!


You sir, you got my vote 😎

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Thanks very much 😘

I have decided to vote for it. We have many nice airliners but in the game we have just 3-4 aircrafts. We need diversity.

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Thank you very much! 💪
yes we need more variety

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I remember this post again. Hope for attention for this beautiful livery :)

After last update, people will want to see a domestic competitor. I would like to see that on the next update.

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Are there a few pilots that this airline would like to have in the sim? :)

I’m gonna get rid off the a380 vote it’s going to come anyways so. But momo is still creepy

We have a lot of potential in Turkey. With this airline, we have a greater opportunity to travel to Turkey and even to the Middle East. Onur air would be a great addition for the simulator!

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