OnTime Airways

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls
I like to announce the creation of OnTime Virtual Airlines! OnTime is the best VA out there with a lot of routes and wide fleet. We operate many subsidiaries to be able to keep everything organised.

Our Fleet

OnTime Airways
-Airbus A320
-Airbus A330-300
-Boeing 737-900
-Boeing 747-8
-Boeing 777-200ER
-Boeing 777-300ER
-Boeing 787-8
-Boeing 787-9
OnTime Postman
-Airbus A330-200F
-Boeing 777-200F
OnTime BritMan
-Airbus A318
-Boeing 717
-Bombardier Dash 8 Q400
OnTime XPress
-Cessna 208

Our Routes

OnTime Airways
Southern California
Los Angeles-Palm Springs (773)
Los Angeles-San Diego (772)
Los Angeles-Ontario (A320)
Palm Springs-San Diego (788)
Heathrow-Birmingham (788)
Kingsford Smith-Canberra (789)
OnTime Postman
Southern California
Los Angeles-Palm Springs (77F)
Los Angeles-San Diego (77F)
Los Angeles-Ontario (A33F)
Los Angeles-San Clemente (A33F)
Palm Springs-Ontario (A33F)
Palm Springs-San Diego (77F)
Palm Springs-San Clemente (77F)
Heathrow-Birmingham (77F)
Heathrow-Luton (A33F)
Heathrow-Gatwick (A33F)
Kingsford Smith-Canberra (77F)
OnTime BritMan
City Airport-Heathrow (A318)
Heathrow-Gatwick (Q400)
Luton-City Airport (717)
OnTime XPress
Southern California
Big Bear-Ontario (C208)
Big Bear-Chino (C208)
Big Bear-Bannington (C208)

To learn more, visit the OnTime Airways Official Website

Final Note

Some of you may say I own Asiana Airlines already but Asiana is owned by @AsianaIFVA. Well I sold it to him.

Our callsign is: OTA ___ (___ means any number)

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What makes OnTime Airways the best?


It’s wide fleet, many routes and high level of organisation.

The Fact that you have a wide fleet and a lot of reoutes doesn’t Mark a good VA


WARNING: Due to an unknown problem, the website lists the A321 as our fleet> OnTime does NOT operate the A321

Yeah you see what I mean he?

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Looks good, but why don’t you just wait until Global Flight comes out, and thoroughly plan for routes etc. for that?


Who knows when global is coming out? It may come out today, it might come out 1 year from now

Your VA being the best is a matter of opnion so your title should not mislead people like that and most likely will get others mad


If it takes a year for global to come out, so be it. That gives you more time to make your VA the best it can be. A Virtual Airline should not be rushed.

Thanks for editing the title

I aim to please

Anybody submit their livery and logo designs here. Best logo and livery will be used

Love the name!

Glad you like it

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Good luck from us here at Redwings!

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All the best ^^ Nice webpage graphics

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Thanks @Yunkeru

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Official announcement
A flight tracker is coming to our website soon!

Is this still active?