Ontario International is *open* (@ KONT, August 2, 1044 Zulu)

OK. I’m controller there now as of 1548 zulu

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Southern California

Airport: KONT

Time: 1044Z (now)

NOTAM: Runway 26R is for departures. Runway 26L is for arrivals. It would be nice (if you come) to put your call signs here or just say that you’re coming. :)

Ground: 121.90
Tower: 210.60

Still open ^.^

I’ll come speedbird 117 heavy

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System crashed using hotel network so signal intermittent, will try later. How long will you be on till?😀

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a long time

Ok will try again in an hour😀

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Oh wow. never knew it was you haha :P

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I’m coming on. I’m going to be Velocity5, a Blank White 737-800.

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Yes. I’ll stay on until I either

  • pass out
  • need sleep/food

@jooeball, thanks for the very nice session. Hope you can add more events in the future!

Now, Constructive Feedback:

Nothing. Your ATC Skills are very good and you have great knowledge. Have you ever tried busy Airports such as KLAX, KSAN or KNUC? I have sometimes been on KNUC as a controller, but I mainly like KPSP better!

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Wow, kudos on the event title, format is correct!


Thank you so much!! :))

Thank you so much for making my 737 feel at home again. I’m just waiting for the time when the implement the VA Livery…

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That’s fine :) @divebuddha love your website btw haha

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Wow that was veerry busy but no one died. Only one go around bceause someone was very impatient :o