[ONLY UNTIL 1630Z TO SIGN UP!] Summer Fly-Out! @ PHNL - 201700ZJUN18

Server: Expert

Region: Hawaii

Airport: PHNL

Time: 1700Z

NOTAM: *Hello and welcome to the prime vacation event! Start off the summer right by flying professionally straight out of YOUR FAVORITE vacationing place! That’s right, the community decided where this event would take place. If this isn’t your ideal vacation spot, I’m sure one of the choices of flight below will suit your needs. Come participate and show yourself to summer!

Terminal 3:

Concourse 1

Gate 6: UAL218 HNL-ORD Boeing 777-200LR

Gate 7: CCA838 HNL-PEK Airbus A330-330 (Use China Air to replace Air China livery and the A330-200)
Gate 8: ACA1830 HNL-YVR Boeing 767-300ER (To Replace Air Canada Rouge)
Gate 9: ANA183 HNL-NRT Boeing 787-10
Gate 10: AAR231 HNL-ICN Boeing 777-200ER
Gate 11: UAL344 HNL-IAD Boeing 767-300ER
Gate 12: UAL534 HNL-SFO Boeing 777-200LR
Gate 13: DAL836 HNL-ATL Airbus A330-300

Concourse 2

Gate 14: ANZ9 HNL-AKL Boeing 787-9
Gate 15: JAL781 HNL-NRT Boeing 777-200ER
Gate 16: JAL791 HNL-KIX Boeing 777-200ER
Gate 17: AAL8 HNL-DFW Boeing 777-200ER
Gate 18: AAL102 HNL-DFW Boeing 777-200ER
Gate 19: AAL298 HNL-LAX Airbus A321-200
Gate 20: AAL693 HNL-PHX Boeing 757-200
Gate 21: AAL675 HNL-PHX Boeing 757-200
Gate 22: AAL162 HNL-LAX Airbus A321-200
Gate 23: DAL1284 HNL-LAX Boeing 767-300ER
Gate 24: ASA818 HNL-SEA Boeing 737-900ER
Gate 25: ASA866 HNL-PDX Boeing 737-800

Concourse 3

Gate 26: WJA1865 HNL-YVR Boeing 737-700 (To replace the -800)
Gate 27: ASA830 HNL-SJC Boeing 737-900ER
Gate 28: JST4 HNL-SYD Boeing 787-8
Gate 29: QFA4 HNL-SYD Airbus A330-300
Gate 30: JST2 HNL-MEL Boeing 787-8
(Gates 31 and 32 can be user choice as long as it’s from these airlines: Alaska, WestJet, Omni Intl., Air Canada, US Airways, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines.)
Gate 31:
Gate 32:
(Gates 49-53 are reserved for arrivals from airlines listed above only, however arrivals can use any gate)
Gate 49:
Gate 50:
Gate 51:
Gate 52:
Gate 53:

Terminal 2:

Concourse 1

Gate 54: HAL186 HNL-OGG Boeing 717-200
Gate 55: HAL112 HNL-ITO Boeing 717-200
Gate 56: HAL10 HNL-LAX Boeing 767-300ER
Gate 57: HAL357 HNL-KOA Boeing 717-200

Your choice! Since this is the vacation place you chose, I chose an airline where you get to choose the destination! Just send me proof via PM and FR24 that this flight exists, and I will put it down. (For those of you that don’t have it I can look up the flight for you)
This will be the same for the rest of the concourse (since it is all Hawaiian)
Gate 58:
Gate 59:
Gate 60:
Gate 61:

(Cargo, Military, and all other gates should be completed by this weekend but for commercials, I will release it now so I will put you on the waiting list if you want a different gate choice later.)
Terminal 1:

Concourse 1

(All Mokulele Air flights are in Generic)
Gate 62: MW218 HNL-MKK @Aviationluver
We’ll just do the same thing with Hawaiian Airlines since I cannot find any other routes besides a ton of HNL-MKK. If you find any other Mokulele routes however, you can show me that. Thanks!
Gate 63:
Gate 64:
Gate 65:
Gate 66:
Gate 67:
Gate 68:
Gate 69:
Gate 70:
Gate 71:
Gate 72:
Gate 73:
Gate 74:
Gate 75:
Gate 76:
Gate 77:
Gate 78:
Gate 79:
Gate 80:

Waiting List:

If you want to arrive, show me the flight you want and I will set you to arrive.
No arrivals! If you’re a person that has to work, you can arrive from a different destination. You can also arrive if you feel like it, like if you’re on a career mode with a VA.

Thanks! Please attend! This is an IFC Community Choice event.


Can I please have gate 54, Terminal 2 ? Thank you.

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Sure can! Thanks for participating!

I’ll take Gate 62 please, the Molokai flight from HNL - MKK

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Hope I can join this one!

I’ll take a gate with either Alaska Airlines or Southwest Airlines Hopefully they start their Hawaii service by then to SJC.

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Sign me up for this one, thanks :)

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Thanks @Aviationluver @BigBert10 @Captain_JR for participating!

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Hi, I’m not going to ANC. I’m going to SJC.

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I believe you have to pick one of the options from above, since you mentioned Alaska he maybe thought that any Alaska flight would be alright since a flight to SJC isn’t an option as of now…?

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Hi! Sorry as you kind of forgot to mention which Alaska flight to choose. Also my bad because I also should have noted if you really want to change the flight to something else, I can. Just PM me and send me a FR24 screenshot. This goes for everyone.

But I saw the FR24 flight already, so I can just change it if you really wanted to do that flight

Do you want a specific 737 or is either one fine? You will remain on the ANC flight until you respond (which can be whenever)

I’ll fly the 739 please.

Give me the real world Alaska callsign please.

HNL-SJC (I’m at school right now, so I have no time to look it up)

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Roger that, I said you don’t have to but that is fine. Confirmed HNL-SJC with ASA830.

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I really want to fly to SJC since it is my home airport.

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Yep, I know how you feel about home airports. If I had to I could tell someone about my home airport with my eyes closed

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Your home airport is…? 😏

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KMKE, I made a previous event about it, (Took place on May 5th)

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It’s In Milwaukee right?

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Correct, Milwaukee, WI

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